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A Study on Employee Job Satisfaction at Bharti Airtel Limited

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Nowadays, we are breathing in a technological era and technology is changing life rigorously. Most HR and Strategic Managers are confronting with the scarcity of semi-skilled and skilled human capital. So, in this challenging work sphere, it is a huge challenge for the top management of such type of organizations that how better they formulate the organizational culture and HR practices that makes them able to retain their skillful employees, give them job satisfaction and motivation and to control the employees’ turnover rate. The research study presented the importance of organizational culture in satisfaction and motivation level of employees. What employees feel about the drivers of job satisfaction and motivation? The research study also highlighted key variables that have a major influence on the employee’s motivation and satisfaction. By implementing those key variables, companies can reduce turn over rate and employees would prefer to stick with the organizations and organizations will gear up their overall growth rate.

In general, overall job satisfaction has been defined as “a function of the perceived relationship between what one wants from one’s job and what one perceives it as offering” (Locke, 1969). The preceding literature review showed that fewer studies have investigated the link between job satisfaction and organizational cultures. For example, Odom et al. (1990) investigated the relationships between organizational culture and three elements of employee behavior, namely, commitment, work-group cohesion, and job satisfaction. They concluded that the bureaucratic culture, which dominated their sample of transportation organizations, was not the culture most conducive to the creation of employee commitment, job satisfaction, and work-group cohesion. In related studies, Nystrom (1993) investigating health care organizations, found that employees in strong cultures tend to express greater organizational commitment as well as higher job satisfaction. Despite these few studies, a void appears to exist in literature examining the direct link between organizational culture types and job satisfaction.

This project investigates the level of job satisfaction of employees in Bharti Airtel Ltd. identifying the important job satisfaction factors that are associated with the overall satisfaction of the company employees. Based on a survey, the project attempts to gain insights into the satisfaction levels from the perspective of the company employees. Factors including payment, healthy relationship with colleagues, sense of personal accomplishment, adequate information available to do job, ability to implement new ideas and overall job satisfaction are found important for improving job satisfaction of the company employees. These factors are significantly related to the overall satisfaction of the employees. The higher level of these factors is involved, the higher overall satisfaction is likely to be. The factors that are influential have been identified following overall job satisfaction through some statistical techniques.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 138
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction of the Study
1.2 Aim
1.3 Objectives
1.4 Key Questions

Chapter 2: Theoretical Background
2.1 Job Satisfaction
2.2 The State of Employee Satisfaction
2.3 Theories of Employee Satisfaction

Chapter 3: Literature Review
3.1 Need-Based Approach or Content Theory
3.2 Process Theories
3.3 Reinforcement Theories
3.4 Job Satisfaction
3.5 Job Satisfaction And Compensation
3.6 Job Satisfaction And Preservice Preparation
3.7 Job Satisfaction And External Forces
3.8 Job Satisfaction And School Culture
3.9 Job Satisfaction And In Service Training
3.10 Job Satisfaction And Motivation To Teach
3.11 Job Satisfaction And Emotional Factors

Chapter 4: The Company Profile-- Bharti Airtel
Chapter 5: Research Methodology
Chapter 6: Data Analysis

Findings & Recommendations


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