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Analysis of Customer’s Buying Behavior and Preferences in the Home Appliances Market of Haier

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Introduction: The Consumer Durables Industry consists of durable goods and appliances for domestic use such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. Instruments such as cell phones and kitchen appliances like microwave ovens were also included in this category. The sector has been witnessing significant growth in recent years, helped by several drivers such as the emerging retail boom, real estate and housing demand, greater disposable income and an overall increase in the level of affluence of a significant section of the population.

The industry is represented by major international and local players such as Haier, Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej etc. In this research, I have done the survey of the buying behavior and preferences of the consumers in the Home appliances market of Haier, which are consumed by people of all ages. After this research I came to know how people perceives these products on the variables like price, quality, advertisement, satisfaction, taste, packaging, brand loyalty etc. I also came to know which particular brand is most preferred by people of different age groups. Trend of ongoing changes in their likings has been shown in the report. In this report I have tried to explain the entire research and facts product wise.

Number of Pages: 97
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document(.doc)

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction Of The Topic 
1.2 Consumer Preference        
1.3 Scope Of The Study          
1.4 Objectives Of The Study  
1.5 Limitations Of The Study   
Chapter 2: Company Profile     
2.1 Introduction           
2.2 History Of Haier    
2.4 Global Branding Strategy   
2.5 Services By Haier  
2.6 Products    
2.7 Recognition           
2.9 Competitors Of Haier        
3.1 Meaning Of Buying Behaviour        
3.2 Stages Of Consumer Buying Process         
3.3 Types Of Consumer Buying Behaviour       
3.4 Categories That Affect Consumer Buying Behaviour           
3.5 Consumer Behaviour And Preferences In Fmcg Sector       
3.6 Understanting The Indian Retail Consumer 
Chapter 4: Research Methodology       
4.1 Meaning    
4.2 Survey Design       
4.3 Sample Size And Design    
4.4 Research Period    
4.5 Research Instrument          
4.6 Data Collection      
4.7 Key Growth Drivers For Consumer Durables         
4.8 Consumer Durables: Industry Size, Growth And Trends     
5.1 Data Analysis:        
5.2 Key Findings         
Chapter 6: Conclusions
Chapter 7: Suggestions And Recommendations
Chapter 8: Annexure    
8.2 Bibliography          
8.3 Statistical Figures   

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