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HR Practices in Airtel

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Introduction: HR helps the organization to manage its human assets more strategically so that it can attain higher levels of performance and greater profitability. The HR manager assists employees in finding ways to increase productivity and to reinforce the organization's core competencies by teaching skills that contribute to organizational growth. Additionally, HR works to develop an environment that encourages affiliation, responsibility and commitment.
Human Resource management functions:
- Analyses jobs and skills needed in the organization.
- Assesses, develops and implements policies, procedures and systems.
- Recruits and selects workers
- Appraises performance.
- Rewards workers through the implementation of compensation systems.
Designs and delivers training, development and educational programs for employees to provide the organization with the skilled resources it needs.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 88
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Aim of the Study

3. Theoretical Overview
- The Human Resource Management Process
- Objectives of the HRM
- HRM Functions

4 . Bharti Enterprises
- Bharti Enterprise Structure
- About Bharti
- Profile of Organization
- Vision, Mission and Values
- Organisation Structure of Airtel

5 . Theoretical Framework
- Human Resource Planning
-- Functions of HRP
-- The HRP Planning Process
- Job Analysis Process
- Recruitment
-- Purposes and Importance
-- Recruitment Process
- Selection
-- Selection Process
-- Barriers to Effective Selection
- Training and Development
-- Defining Training
-- Features of Training
-- Objectives of Training
-- A systems approach to Training
-- The Training Process
- Performance Appraisal System
-- Essential features of an appraisal system
-- Essential characteristics of an effective appraisal system
-- Steps to be followed while introducing an efficient potential appraisal system
-- Objectives of performance appraisal
-- Who will appraise?
-- The performance appraisal process
-- Methods of performance appraisal
- Methods of Performance
- Compensation
- Hr Practices at Airtel
- Compensation at Airtel

6 . Recommendations
7 . Conclusion
8 . Limitations
9 . Bibliography

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