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Human Resource Accounting and Models in practice

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Introduction: This project report on Human Resource Accounting, which is still in a nascent stage of development, so the sole objective, is to gain understanding and knowledge on the subject.

The objective is to understand how human assets can be given monetary value and how it helps in managerial decision making.

Another objective of the report is to provide the reader with different models that can be used for valuation of human capital for better understanding of the subject. This would enable the reader to develop a new outlook towards human capital altogether. To aid the understanding solely two examples from Indian Public sector undertakings have been incorporated.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 56
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
1.1 About Human Resource Accounting
1.2 Defining Human Resource Accounting
1.3 Objectives of Human Resource Accounting

2. Generally accepted accounting principles, concepts conventions and human resource accounting
2.1 Going Concern Concept
2.2 Money Measurement Concept
2.3 Cost Concept
2.4 Matching Concept
2.5 Consistency Concept
2.6 Materiality Concept
2.7 Convention of Relevance and Disclosure

3. Managerial uses of human resource accounting
3.1 Role of Human Resource Accounting in Planning and Control
- Recognizing and defining problems
-- Human Asset Investment Ratio
-- Personnel Turnover
- Searching for alternative solutions
- Evaluation of alternatives
- Selecting among the evaluated alternatives
- Reporting on action taken and results achieved

3.2 Role of Human Resource Accounting in functions of Human Resource Management Process
- Acquisition of human resources
- Development of human resources
- Allocation of human resources
- Conservation of human resources
- Utilization of human resources
- Evaluation and reward of human resources

4. Impact of human resource accounting information
4.1 Improved Decision Making
4.2 More Improved Management Information System
4.3 Measuring the return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
4.4 Personal Turnover
4.5 Planning the use of resources
4.6 Examining the Disposition of Resources
4.7 Examining personnel Expenditure
4.8 Capital Budgeting
4.9 Management Development Activities

5. Human resource accounting records
5.1 Elements of Human Resource Accounting
5.2 Human Resource Cost Accounting
5.3 Steps in Human Resource Accounting
5.6 Types of Costs
5.7 Concepts of Human Resource Costs
5.8 Measurement of Historical Cost of Human Resources
5.9 Measurement of Replacement Cost of Human Resources
5.10 Phases in Designing and Implementing Human Resource Accounting System

6. Models of human resource accounting
6.1 Monetary Models
6.2 Non monetary models
6.3 Statistical based models

7. Human Resource Accounting in India
7.1 BHEL
7.2 SAIL
7.3 Infosys

8. Conclusion
9. Bibliography

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