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Product Endorsement Celebrity, A Prospective

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Celebrity endorsement is a highly researched field in marketing. Having its roots in psychology and the source credibility of communication (Hovland and Weiss, 1952; McCroskey and Young, 1981) it has come up a long way since the early research was done in the seventies (Friedman, et aI., 1976; Kamen et aI., 1975). Researchers have delved into various issues of celebrity endorsements such as source credibility of the celebrity, celebrity-brand congruence and meaning transfer model (McCracken, 1989). Research in Br,and Personality is relatively new. The works of Aaker and Fournier (1995), Aaker (1997) and Ourgee (1998) initiated the interest which ultimately resulted in the construction of a Brand Personality Scale by Aaker (1997). However, researchers have not looked into the issue of Celebrity Personality affecting the Brand Personality even in congruence studies. In this paper we try to address the issue of celebrity personality affecting brand personality. Based on an empirical study, we try to find out whether the same personality dimensions exist for the celebrity and the brand endorsed respectively. Following which we have tried to see whether celebrity personality has an effect on brand personality or not. The study is supposed to generate research interest because of its novelty of idea.

The practice of using celebrities in advertisements to promote products dates back to more than a hundred years and continues till date. Some studies have found out that as much as 2S % of the total advertisements aired use celebrity endorsements (Shimp 2000). The scenario is not too different in Dubai. Celebrities from the field of sports and movies have a string of endorsements under their belt. Thus product endorsements become a relevant field of research in Dubai. One of the key streams of research in product endorsements is the "source credibility" research that primarily looked into finding out the dimensions of a celebrity source which affect the consumer in the communication process.

Increasing competition for consumer consciousness and new product proliferation have encouraged marketers to use attention-creating media stars to assist product marketing. Advertisers agree that product endorsement does not itself guarantee sales. It can create a buzz and make a consumer feel better about the product, which in turn has to come to the expectation of customers as a real star by delivering the promise. For a successful brand promotion, it becomes pertinent for companies to induct all possible measures to influence the purchase intention of a consumer and to inculcate the deep desire to own a particular brand. One of the major adopted tools of brand promotion is the Product endorsement. Marketers spend enormous amounts of money annually on product endorsement contracts based on the belief that celebrities are effective spokespeople for their products or brands (Katyal, 2007). Brands all over the world use celebrities to advertise their products. Product endorsement has become a prevalent form of advertising in Dubai. The involvement of celebrities in advertising is increasingly widespread and has become a commonplace, the reason is, Dubai is a celebrity-worshipping nation and people are constantly looking for a role model or an icon. Alongside, this phenomenon, research into the role of celebrities in advertising has increased since the 1990s (Amos, Holmes and Strutton, 2008; Seno and Lukas, 2007; Pringle and Binet, 2005; Erdogan, 1999; Ohanian, 1991). Some of these researches have highlighted various explaining factors and the congruency is one of the main determinants.

There has been a considerable amount of interest in the concept of brand personality and how it relates to the self-congruity effect (Aaker, 1999). Theory and practice proves that the use of superstars in advertising generates lot of publicity and attention (Ohanian, 1991). Also, if a company image has been tarnished, hiring a popular celebrity is one potential solution. Hence, this study envisages into the effects of congruity in the process of advertisement and how the presence of celebrity endorsers affects this congruity as celebrities also help advertisements stand out from surrounding clutter. When consumers could associate a product with an endorser, they could easily recall the brand and consequently influence them to purchase the product (Friedman and Friedman, 1979; Kamins, 1989).

Number of Pages of Project Report: 76
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive Summary
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction of the Topic
1.2 Need of the Study
Chapter 2: Theoritical Perspective
2.1 Product Endorsement & Celebrity
2.2 What Is Product Endorsement?
2.3 What Is Celebrity Endorsement?
2.4 Impact Of Celebrity Endorsement On Overall Brand
Chapter 3: Research Methodology
3.1 Marketing Research
3.2 Research Design
3.3 Research Design Used In The Project
3.4 Sources And Methods Of Data Collection
3.5 Methods Of Data Collection
3.6 Sampling Process & Size
3.7 Contact Method
3.8 Hypothesis
Chapter 4: Data Analysis And Interpretation
Suggestions And Recommendations
Scope Of Future Study
Annexure I: Bibliography
Annexure Ii: Questionnaire

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