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Working Capital Management of Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited

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To get started on any business, firstly we want finance and also the good results of that business completely depends upon the proper management of day-to-day finance as well as the management of this short-term capital or finance of the business is called Working capital Management.

Working Capital is the funds utilized to pay for the everyday trading activities carried out by the business - stationery needs, staff salaries and wages, rent, energy bills, payments for supplies and so on. Working Capital management is about the commercial and financial aspects of Inventory, credit, purchasing, marketing, and royalty and investment policy. The higher the profit margin, the lower is likely to be the level of Working Capital tied up in creating and selling titles. The faster that we create and sell the books the higher is likely to be the return on investment. Thus when we have been using the word investment in the chapter on pricing, we have been discussing Working Capital.
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited was established in 1907, and is a leading pharmaceutical company in India. The Organization is vertically incorporated with the ability to develop, manufacture and industry pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical substances and Intermediates. Alembic is actually the actual market leader within the Macrolides segment of anti-infective drugs in India.
Objectives of the Project:
1. In order to determine the financial strengths & weakness of the company.
2. Analyzing company’s performance associated with financial statement analysis.
3. To examine the liquidity position of the company by using various ratio.
4. To figure out the utility of financial ratio in credit analysis & determining the financial capacity of the firm.
5. To suggest steps to be taken to increase the efficiency in management of working capital.
6. To determine working capital requirements and to make an item wise study of the components of the working capital.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 38
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1. Preface
1.2. Objectives of the Study
1.3. Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Alembic India
2.1 Corporate Profile
2.2 Vision and Mission
2.3 Board of Directors
2.4 Group Companies
2.5 History

Chapter 3: Working Capital Management
3.1 Meaning of Working Capital
3.2 Management of working capital
3.3 Kinds of Working Capital
3.4 Need for Working Capital
3.5 Factors determining the Working capital requirements
3.6 Working Capital Cycle
3.7 Importance of working capital

Chapter 4: Research Methodology
Chapter 5: Data Analysis and Interpretation
Chapter 6: SWOT Analysis
Chapter 7: Limitations of the study
Chapter 8: Conclusion
Chapter 9: Key financial ratios of Alembic India
Chapter 10: Bibliography

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