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Mobile Commerce Market in India: An Exploratory Study

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The IT has developed immensely over the years. With the entry of new technologies, the IT market has become extremely competitive and turbulent. The emergence of wireless technology promises a giant leap forward in information and service accessibility. The technological advances made in the area of wireless communications have transformed it from a vague concept to an important global telecommunications service with over 300 million subscribers or about 40% of the world’s installed wired telephone base. Moreover, wireless technology has extended the capabilities of the Local Area Network (LAN) and also facilitated the development and use of the Personal Area Network (PAN).

The introduction of M-Commerce to the Internet presents new challenges to the service provider. In many instances, mobile telephones still rely on extremely low bandwidth hardware to make their connection to the Internet. More than ever, this equates to a massive burden being placed on your web infrastructure as it tries to cope with high numbers of slow, simultaneous connections. Add to the mix the requirement for encrypted transactions for customers' peace of mind, and you end up with a web service that is close to breaking point.

The focus is to study the latest technologies in M-commerce market highlighting the security and technical issues. Also, it is focused on migrating the results and applying the knowledge on Indian M-Commerce market. The study attempted to describe the technologies available for mobile-commerce industry that are being adapted worldwide.

The study has been framed on the Business models like “Development Process for new Products and Services“ and “Revenue model“ that can be applicable to the Indian market of M-Commerce for the promotion of M-Commerce in India. In today’s constant changing environment the technology plays a special role mad therefore the various architectures for M-Commerce available have been pinpointed and the value additions from these have been discussed for Indian M-Commerce market.
The objectives of the study are:
• To explore the latest M-Commerce technologies.
• To identify the strengths of latest M-Commerce technologies for adapting to Indian environment.
• To develop various possible M-Commerce Business Models and explore the possibility for adapting to Indian M-Commerce Market.

Number of Pages of Project Report:216
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive Summery
Chapter 1 Introduction
-Business opportunities and challenges
-Market Growth
-Rational of the Study
• Explore
• Strengths
• Suggestions and Adoptation
-Research Methodolgy

Chapter 2 Business Models for M-Commerce
-Mobile Commerce Service Scenarios and Related Business Models
-Characteristics of M-Commerce Services
-Architecture of an M-Commerce Platform
-Business Models for M-Commerce
-Development Process for new Products and Services

Chapter 3 Analysis of Indian market
-The Indian Market for M-Commerce
-IO Framework
-Industry Analysis
-SWOT Analysis of the Indian Software Industry
-SWOT Analysis for M-Commerce
-An Overview of India's Domestic IT Market

Chapter 4 Enablers of the Wireless Networks
-Wireless Network
-Wireless Communication Technologies
-Mobile Wireless Systems
-Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN)
• Bluetooth
• IrDA
• IrMC
• BlueTooth and IrDA compared
• HomeRF
-Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)
-Market Trends
-Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN)
-Mobile Internet
-Wireless Access Protocol (WAP)
-WML (Wireless Markup Language)
-Enabling Software
-Emerging Platforms
-Development Tools

Chapter 5 Wireless Applications
-Key characteristics of Wireless Applications
-Categories of Wireless Applications
-Wireless Applications Types
-Wireless Application Development

Chapter 6 Wireless Security
-Security concerns of an organization
-Security Threats
-Security measures

Chapter 7 Trends in Mobile, wireless enterprise application development
Chapter 8 A Peep into the future
Chapter 9 Conclusion

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