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Marketing Strategies of Hyundai Motors India Ltd (With Special to Santro)

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Indian Economy has undergone a radical transformation in the last three decades. The discoveries and invention in various fields of life is perhaps being the reasons for this transformation. The marketing strategy in India which was practiced in the olden days has either been changed or been refined so as to adjust with this dynamic world. If we consider the early years of development of our economy, It is observed that the producer’s consumers as well as production and consumption is becoming more and more complex and specialized.
The present emphasis is one matters of providing a complete ‘comfort’ or ‘status’ to the customers every walk of life. In the light of the present marketing scenario, through this project, How HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LTD. can increase its market share in “automobile industry” emphasis on marketing.

This Project report tries to take a look on various aspects on Marketing and study of Marketing strategies adopted by Hyundai Motors India Limited (HMIL) with a special focus on Hyundai Santro. We settled for HMIL because at the time of its entry in Indian Market back in 1998, it was taken as another foreign car maker entering Indian Passenger car market. But the way in which HMIL has achieved a constant growth rate of around 30% in past 8 years and the way Santro has emerged as the market leader in B-segment is all due to its fierce Marketing program. Hence a detailed study at the marketing strategies adopted by HMIL for Santro gives us an excellent opportunity to apply our classroom learning in analyzing real life situations.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 97
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1. Introduction To The Project
- Executive Summary
- Objectives
Chapter 2. Indian Automobile Industry
- Porters Five Force Model
- History of Indian Automobile Industry
- Trends In Indian Automobile Industry
- Key Developments in the Industry
- Key Demand Drivers
Chapter 3. Segment Analysis
Chapter 4. Hyundai Motors India Limited
- An Overview Of The Company
- New Milestones
- Awards And Recognition
- Product
Chapter 5. Research Methodology
- Data Collection
- Sample Size
- Statistical Tools
Chapter 6. Analysis Of The Marketing Strategy With Focus To Hyundai Santro
- STP – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
- Porter 5 Force Model
- SWOT Analysis
- P’s Of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. With Focus On Hyundai Santro
Chapter 7. Findings And Analysis
Chapter 8. Observations & Recommendations
Chapter 9. Conclusion
- Questionnaire

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