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A Study on Hospital Marketing

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The institution that we know today as the ‘Hospital’ is a twentieth century phenomenon. The early institutions from which it developed bore little resemblance to modern hospitals. “The first hospitals in the new world were built by Spanish in Mexico City (1524) and the French In Canada.” In 1751, the first general hospital opened in Philadelphia, which is still in existence today, the Pennsylvania Hospital. While these earlier hospitals came to be devoted rather generally to the care of sick, it was the homeless sick for which they were operated in the initial period, at that time hospitals were considered as a last resort and death rate was terribly high. In last quarter of nineteenth century came the golden age of progress and development of hospitals. Laboratory examination came to be an integral part of hospital service. The use of X-ray in diagnosis of disease marked a major advance in specialization of various hospital services. Specialization was also brought into anesthesia. Physicians recognized the unique service of the hospitals cold render in modern diagnosis and treatment and sought staff appointments. The industrialization of the last two decades of nineteenth century provided the required funds on Philanthropic ground. Then there arise a gradual development of management science. Yet nothing remarkable had consciously been done to make hospital management, professional. Administrative functions are normally considered as “nuisance functions” and do not enjoy high status in a hospital system.

The accountants and administrator also do not generally perform any extensive managerial function. Therefore, hospital tend to develop only the ‘medical services’ to keep pace with the growth in size and complexity, the do not spend and time on developing ‘management services’.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 53
Package Includes: Project Report
Synopsis Available: No
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Objectives of the study
2. Research Methodology
- Techniques used in study
- Sources of Information
3. Marketing Research
4. Introduction
- Hospital Management
- Significance of Hospital Management
- Medical Services
- Food Services and Housekeeping
- Pharmacy Services
- Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Services
- Radiology Services
- Out- Patient Services
- Engineering Services
- Fire-fighting, Security and Safety
- Other Services

5. Concept of Hospital Marketing
- Introduction
- Marketing Plans
- Positioning
- The present scenario in India
- Marketing Strategies of Corporate Hospitals
- Hospitals Tap Preventive Healthcare Market
- Journal of Hospital Marketing
- Hospital Marketing Targeting Women
- Women's Initiative

6. Findings
7. Analysis
8. Annexure
- Questionnaire

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