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Marketing Management and Strategic Marketing

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Marketing is defined as the social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others. This definition of marketing rests on the core concepts of needs, wants and demand. The totality of the marketing management task is to address the customer’s needs through the means of the marketing mix and in context of the environment. The point at which conventional marketing tends to become strategic is where the timeframe that is envisioned by the marketer becomes long-term. Essential difference is that in conventional marketing, the environment is assumed to be given, while in a changing environment or an environment that is projected to be changing in a certain manner or over a period of time, it is imperative that marketing becomes strategic.
In a strategic approach, information analysis is critical. Involvement extends down to several levels in the organizational chain. As a matter of fact, identification of a certain competence profile by middle management members of the participative group could influence the strategic objectives and the priority for re-allocation of corporate resources between projects.
Planning has been defined essentially as a process directed towards making today’s decisions with tomorrow in mind, and a means of preparing for future decisions so that they may be made rapidly, economically and with as little disruption to the business as possible. Financial planning systems or budgeting and control systems are typically annual exercises and help in controlling the priority and efficiency of resource allocation.
Long-range planning systems have a larger future orientation and budget and are associated with specific action programmes. Strategic marketing planning systems are a step up in the direction of market orientation, competition sensitivity and in the orchestration of enduring strategic choice. Firms may evolve their own planning systems. In quite a few, there is a corporate planner who plays the role of a catalyst in order to build awareness of the need of planning by the organization. Planning systems may evolve and exist in the following areas: Strategic, Annual Planning, Production/Requirement planning, Manpower planning, investment planning, Planning for effective R&D.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 45
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Planning and Strategy
2. Marketing Management and Strategic Marketing
3. The Changing Indian Scenario and the need for strategic marketing
4. The customer, the competition and the corporation
5. Environment Scanning
6. Developing the Mission and Objectives
7. Strategy Formulation
8. Strategy Implementation and Control
9. Relating the Vision/Mission of a Global Giant to its marketing strategies in India -The Case of Microsoft
10. Redefining the Business: The Credit Card Marketing Strategy at Citibank
11. Music for the Years- The Case of Philips India
12. Striking Back: The Case of TVS Suzuki
13. A Powerful Tool of Strategic Marketing
14. Is the First Choice of the Best Choice: The Case of Hero Punch
15. Skim, then Penetrate- The Case of a Differentiated Commodity
16. Domestic Aviation- Competition in a familiar Service Industry
17. Marketing Strategies at Work- The Case of Indian Shaving Products Ltd.
18. Landmark Construction: The Case of DLF Qutub Enclave
19. Slow but Steady: The Case of Nirulas
20. Computers for Everyone- A Case Study From the Computer Service Industry
21. The Agenga for Tomorrow: Post Liberalization Marketing Strategies of SAIL
22. From Metal Maker To Value Creator- The Case Of the Indian Aluminium Company
23. High Technology Marketing- The Challenge Of Uncertainty

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