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Employer Employee Relations

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In current competitive era the success of an organization depends on the caliber of its human resources. It is the quality of the people that determines the continued survival and growth of the organization. As the organization grows, thought must be given for managing the relationships with the employees as success of an organization largely depends on the sound relationship among employer – employee. The relationship between employer-employees grows more complex and more critical every year. An organization needs a strong array of resources to navigate the human resource.
The Employer/ Employee Relations Unit serves as the equality aim of the Agency by establishing and maintaining a fair and impartial labor relations program. The Unit is responsible for conducting inquiries into grievances filed by staff. In conjunction with maintaining and tracking workplace injuries, Employer/Employee Relations coordinates and monitors personnel health care coverage, retirement benefits, and personnel transactions.
Thus Employee – employer relations is that part of management, which is concerned, with the manpower of the enterprise.
Objectives of the Study:
1) To study the importance of employer-employee relation.
2) To study the employer – employee relations in “Minda Industries Ltd.”
3) To study different aspects including in employer-employee relation.
4) To study its impact on the performance of the employees.
5) To Suggests the different steps for making employer – employee relation effective if there is any deviation.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 53
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
- Rationale of the study
- Objectives of the study
- Research Methodology
2. Company Profile
- Introduction
- What is E – E Relation?
- Objectives of E – E Relation.
- Labour Relation
- Human Aspects of Production Efficiency
- Significance of IR
3. Role perform by different parties
- Industrial Manager
- Foreman
- Trade Union
4.A) Approaches to IR
- Psychological Approach
- Sociological approach
- Human Relation Approach
- Socio-Ethical Approach
- Gandhi an Approach
- System Approach
B) Industrial Democracy
5. Personnel Management
6. Results
7. Conclusion
8. Suggestions
9. Annexure

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