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Price Behavior of Mid-Cap Stocks in the Indian Capital Market – An Empirical Study

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This project discusses the "Price Behavior of Mid-Cap Stocks in the Indian Capital Market – An Empirical Study".The Project Study “Price Behavior of mid-cap stocks in the Indian Capital Market” aims to analyze the mid-cap stocks market of India with special emphasis on pricing, to study and understand the trading mechanism of stocks and to understand the mid-cap stock price-behavior and find reasons for the recent mid-cap rally.
Midcap stocks are once again back to where they belong, in the limelight. Experts give their top picks within the space and also explain the trading strategy one should adopt in the current market scenario.
The inclination towards conducting this study was mainly because of the sudden immense rise in the demand for mid-cap shares. It not only showed the increasing risk – bearing capacity of investors but also reflected the interest of Foreign Institutional Investors in our economy as they were one of the major buyers of these shares.
The understanding of the price behavior of an upcoming segment that has the future potential to attract large number of investments contributing to a fast -paced development.
In the initial portion of the report I have tried to understand the concept of mid-cap stocks, collected different models through which the price determination takes place, the evolution of the mid-cap segment, the CNX Midcap nifty index determination.
The later portion is more related to the application of the concepts in real life that is acquiring information about the segment’s price behavior from professionals, what are the tools they utilize in determining the prices while trading in the market.
This study is being conducted with the help of secondary and primary data. Secondary data being collected from various books, journals, and websites and different articled published in business newspapers and magazines. Primary data is being collected from a sample size of 10 stockbrokers in and around Delhi with the help of a structured and undisguised questionnaire along with personal interview The study is being descriptive in nature.
1. To understand the mid – cap stocks price behavior and the underlying reasons for the mid – cap rally.
2. To study and understand the stock brokers viewpoint of mid – cap stocks price behavior.
3. To study the middle – capital stocks market of India with special emphasis on pricing.

Number of Pages of Project Report:76
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Certificate
2 Acknowledgement
3. Executive Summary
4. List of Figures and Tables
5. CHAPTER 1: Introduction
- Rationale of the study
- Objectives of the study
- Research methodology
- Scope for future study
6. CHAPTER 2: Theoretical Framework
- The CNX Nifty Index – Concept
- The evolution of middle- capital segment
7. CHAPTER 3:Middle Capital Market in India
- Recent Trends
- Future Scenario
8. CHAPTER 4:Theoretical Tools for Analysis of Mid – Cap Stocks
10. CHAPTER 5: Analysis &Findings
11. CHAPTER 6: Summary and Conclusion
12. Bibliography
13. Appendices: Questionnaire

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