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Recovery Management and Risk Management in a Stock Broking House (Methodology followed by Religare)

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The Project that have been undertaken at the Recovery department and Risk Management Cell in Religare Securities Limited is an endeavor to study the in-depth operation of the Recovery process and Risk management process at brokerage firms and in particular to study the various techniques and the initiatives that have been taken by Religare in particular to keep a check on the clients getting into debit balance and risk containment at a Client level. . The training is done at the front office of the Risk Management Cell and was trained on the various Client activities that take place in the Stock Market along with the measures adopted by Religare Securities to contain the risk of the Firm which include recovery of debit amount from the clients, Capital Adequacy requirement by the client, monitoring of the Clients’ performance and track record, maintenance of the Client margins along with an online monitoring of Client positions and restrictions in cases the margin limits are breached. In this process, I have also embarked with the responsibility to develop a risk profile questionnaire for Religare with the help of which Religare intends to find out the risk tolerance level of its high net worth clients and portfolio management clients. I also did an in-depth analysis of the Margin Trading facility provided by Religare Securities limited.

The project mainly deals with the following:
- Understanding the operations of the Recovery Department
- Exploring ways to improve the working of recovery department.
- Developing of a risk profile questionnaire.
- Understanding the Operation of the Risk Management Cell
- Getting a practical exposure on the daily Risk Containment Procedures that are being carried out at RMC.

Number of Pages of Project Report:76
Package Includes: Synopsis + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1 Executive Summary
2. Company profile
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Offerings
3. Recovery Management
3.1 Introduction
(a) Background
(b) Scope of work
(c) Approach to work

3.2 Analysis and Recommendation
(a) Working in and Understanding Recovery department
(b) Exploring areas for improvement of Recovery department
(c) Conclusion and Recommendation
4. Risk Profile Questionnaire
4.1 Introduction
(a) Background
(b) Scope of work
(c) Approach to work

4.2 Analysis and development of the Questionnaire
(a) Analysis of methods adopted by different financial service providers
(b) Analysis of Religare's requirements
(c) Development of the questionnaire
(d) Questionnaire
5. Risk Management
5.1 Introduction
(a) Background
(b) Scope of work
(c) Approach to work

5.2 Understanding and working in Risk Management Cell
(a) Understanding guidelines of NSE and SEBI for risk containment in various market segments
(b) Understanding Margin Trading Facility of RSL
(c) Understanding Margin Report of RSL
(d) Working and getting in-depth knowledge of Risk Management Cell
(e) Exploring areas for improvement of Risk Management Cell
(f) Recommendations
6. Limitations
7. Bibliography

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