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Consumer’s Perception on Hdfc Bank: An Empirical Study

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During the thesis, a survey was conducted regarding the awareness level of Direct Banking channels, which offers customers the convenience of banking in the manner of their choice. The hypothesis testing done for each product suggests that the awareness level of all the products/services as well as the confidence intervals of the same.
Further the satisfaction level of customers was assessed with regard to the various services provided and the problems faced by them in dealing with the bank.
One of the sections also seeks to examine the customer’s support in the progress of the bank. The report also includes the remarks and suggestions given by the customers regarding the services offered as well as the recommendations deduced from the study inferences.
The bank may consider the suggestions and recommendations in chalking out their future plans and strategies for the enhancement of work procedures and the brand image of the bank.
The objective of the research is:
- To measure the awareness level of people regarding direct banking channels, products offered by HDFC Bank.
- To evaluate the overall satisfaction level of customers regarding services and products offered by the bank.
- To assess the customer contribution towards the growth of the bank (in terms of recommendations for changes and improvements).

Number of Pages of Project Report: 47
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction 2. Aim of the Survey
3. Methodology
- Identification of the problem
- Research design
- Determining sources of data
- Sampling
- Data collection
-- Analysis and interpretation of Data
4. Suggestions from customer’s end
5. Recommendations from study inferences
6. Limitations
7. Conclusions
8. Annexure
- Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Interval
- Copy of questionnaire

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