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Crude Oil Demand Vs Supply Outlook: A Case Study Based On Historical Oil Demand, Price And Global Strategies To Analyze The Future Demand

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The project presents a simple macro economic model of the oil market and tries to analyze the historical oil demand variation with price and global strategies to create a future outlook. Several factors are now determining the world oil supply from OPEC to non-OPEC including regional issues. The date at which oil demand is stop, increase or decrease is highly uncertain and small changes in assumptions can lead to vastly different estimates. The world is most likely to demand large quantities of oil for many decades to come to meet the energy demands. The future of the oil is more inclined from the the age of scarcity to age of abundance while the demand remains flat or increasing. This paper also tries to identify the investments expected in next 10 years based on the identified forecast at the present value based on the identified. Crude oil is an important part of a larger global energy market, which is expected to see continued shift towards renewable forms of energy. The market share of oil recently remained flat, while the overall consumption and production continue to grow due global policy changes and higher oil prices in the past decade.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 65
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
CHAPTER 1 Introduction
CHAPTER 2 Background of the study
CHAPTER 4 Research Methodology
Problem Statement
CHAPTER 5 Data Analysis


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