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Project Planning in JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission)

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A series of activities and tasks that have a specific objective to be completed according to certain specifications and have constraints on the consumption of resources (money, equipment, people and time) is considered as a project. To implement and complete such series of activities successfully, it is necessary to forecast the future environment, allocate the responsibilities and set the objectives to the different participants of the project. This is done through project planning. Project planning is a process of defining the objectives of the project and drawing the procedures and processes for implementation of project.
MEANING OF PROJECT PLANNING: Project planning can be defined as identifying the objectives and establishing the procedures and policies suitable for achieving the objectives. It presents the course of action to achieve predetermined goals in a forecasted environment. It includes setting up of objectives, forecasting the future, organising the work on the project, allocating responsibilities to individuals, ensuring proper communication and coordination between all those involved in the project, establishing the basis for monitoring and control.

The major objectives of the project are:
- To see how project planning is done in an organisation.
- To see what are the various sources of finance available to the organisation.
- To see how the available resources are distributed and in what proportion they are distributed so as to complete the project on time with those available resources.

"Project Planning of JNNURM DATA is updated TILL THE YEAR 2012"

Number of Pages of Project Report: 79
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: Introduction.
1.1. List of abbreviations
1.2. Preface
1.3. Meaning of Project
1.4. Objectives of the Project

Chapter 2: Project Planning
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Meaning of Project Planning
1.3. Objectives of Planning
1.4. Benefits from Planning
1.5. Process of Planning
1.6. Components of a General Plan
1.7. Process Life Cycle and Planning
1.8. Informational inputs for Project Planning
1.9. Reasons of Project Failure

Chapter 3: Working Capital Management
1.1. Overview of JNNURM
1.2. Mission Objectives
1.3. Institutional framework for JNNURM
1.4. Thrust areas
1.5. Reform Agenda
1.6. Expected outcome of JNNURM
1.7. Coverage, funding pattern and time frame
1.8. Toolkits for ULB and project funding
1.9. CDP preparation process
1.10. Detailed project report
1.11. Research Methodology
1.12. Questionnaire

Chapter 4: Project planning in JNNURM
1.1. Executive summary
1.2. Project background
1.3. Need for City Development Plan
1.4. CDP process adopted by Bangalore
1.5. City investment plan, strategies and implementation plan
1.6. Investment capacity/sustenance
1.7. Sources of Funding

Chapter 4: SWOT Analysis

Chapter 5: Findings

Chapter 6: Conclusions

Chapter 7: Limitations

Chapter 8: Bibliography

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