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Indian Debt Market Study (Methodology Followed by Escort Ltd.)

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Financial market consisting of capital market and money market constitute one of the major elements of the corporate firm’s operating environment. These firms use capital market in raising long-term funds to take up their capital budgeting proposals and money markets to fund their current working capital needs and requirements.
The debt instruments that constitute the entire financial markets (including capital markets and money markets) represents contracts whereby one party lends money to another party on pre-determined terms with regard to rate of interest to be paid by the borrower to the lender, the periodicity of such interest payment, and the repayment of the principal amount borrowed. In the Indian securities markets, we use the term ‘bonds’ for debt instruments issued by central or state governments and public sector organizations and the term ‘debentures’ for the securities issued by the private corporate organizations.
The capital market of a country is the barometer of that country’s economy and provides a mechanism for capital formation. The Indian economy is growing at a fast pace due to liberalization of the Indian economy and the policies being adopted by the Government of India. This has aroused interest in the Indian capital market from investors in India and the Foreign Institutional Investors. This has also resulted in the growth of the stock exchange system in India.
This project finds out the various instruments being issued by the government viz., Bonds, Treasury Bills, Call Money Markets, Repo Markets etc., in order to finance its fiscal deficit. It tries to analyze the basic issuance process of these instruments and the participants those are involved in various transactions in the Wholesale Debt Market.
The various participants involved in the Wholesale Debt market discussed in the study are Government, Primary Dealers, Banks, Mutual Funds, Provident Funds, and Financial Institutions
The project takes help of various tables and graphs in order to easily analyze the various parameters viz., Market-wise distribution of various instruments traded, participant- wise distribution, concentration of participants in the wholesale debt market, etc.
The project also seeks to analyze how an investor can judge whether his/her money invested is safe by analyzing the credit rating of various securities and also to find out at what rate will the money grow within the tenure of investment. This is basically achieved by using certain formulae, viz., calculation of yield, given the price, calculation of price, given the yield, etc.
The current trends in the debt market for eg., effect of interest rate , new policies being proposed to be initiated by the new government, credit rating, rising inflation etc on the yield of the securities and hence the price of the securities.
The Objectives of the Project Report:
1. To study the debt markets in India–different types of participants involved, analysis of bond yields and concept of Bond Pricing.
2. Also to study the segment wise market capitalization based on NSE-WDM segments.
3. The study further tries to analyze the different types of securities being traded in the debt markets in brief.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 92
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive Summary
Company Profile
Objective Research Methodology Scope of the Study
Profile On Indian Debt Markets
- Market Segments - Participants
- Secondary Market For Debt

Participants in Debt Markets
- Primary Dealers
- Government
- Mutual Funds
- Banks
- Provident Funds

Instruments Traded in Debt Markets
- Central/State Government Bonds
- State Government Guaranteed Bonds
- Treasury Bills
- Call Money Markets
- Corporate Debt: Bonds

Current Trends in Indian Debt Market
- New Government’s CMK Raises Concerns In G-Sec Market
- Interest Rates- In Suspense

Findings and Analysis
Conclusion and Suggestion

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