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Study of Financial Market in Indian Equity Market with Special Reference on Sharekhan

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Introduction: Personal finance discipline demands every individual to plan for expenditure and savings against current income. While moving up in the hierarchy of needs, one must simultaneously save money for future. As one goes on in life, the standard of living rises, needs increases and the expenditure to meet those needs also increases. Without proper financial planning the future can be a miserable struggle to meet these demands.
Role of financial system is to enthuse economic development. As investors are getting more educated, aware and prudent, they look for innovative investment instruments so that they are able to reduce investment risk, minimize transaction costs and maximize returns along with certain level of convenience. As a result there has been advent of numerous innovative financial instruments such as bonds, company deposits, insurance and mutual funds.
Mutual funds score over all other investment options in terms of safety, liquidity, and returns and are as transparent, convenient as it can get. Goal of mutual fund is to provide an efficient way to make money. Different mutual funds have different risks, which differ, because of the fundís goal, fund managers and investment styles.
Sharekhan is the retail broking arm of SSKI, an organization with more than eight decades of trust & credibility in the stock market. It is India's leading retail financial Services Company with We have over 250 share shops across 115 cities in India. While our size and strong balance sheet allow us to provide you with varied products and services at very attractive prices, our over 750 Client Relationship Managers are dedicated to serving your unique needs. Sharekhan is lead by a highly regarded management team that has invested crores of rupees into a world class Infrastructure that provides our clients with real-time service & 24/7 access to all information and products.
The objectives of the project report:
- To gain an insight into the level of public awareness regarding mutual fund and shares.
- To understand the existing level of popularity of mutual funds and shares, investments patterns of individual, their attitude towards and response to different type of mutual fund offerings.
- To know about the awareness of online trading.
- To know about the best brokerage house among the people of Delhi.
- To know whether they are satisfied with their preferred broking house.
- To know whether people prefers to invest in equity or mutual funds.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 70
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
- Shares and Its Types
2. Company Profile
- Sharekhan
- Investment Bank and Investment Banking
- Depository participants
- Mission
- SSKI Corporate Structure
- SSKI as an Institutional Broker
- Product Profile
- Services offered by Sharekhan

3. Literature Review
- Account Opening
- Type of Account
- The Bombay Stock Exchange
-- History of Stock Exchange in India
-- BSE Sensex
-- Management Team
-- Listing of Securities
-- Key Statistics
- List of Holidays
- Sensex- The Barometer of Indian Capital Markets
- Sensex Calculation Methodology
- National Stock Exchange

4. Research Methodology
- Introduction to the survey
- Methodology
- Objective of the Survey
- Data Collection

5. Facts and Findings
6. Limitations
7. Conclusion
8. Recommendation
9. Appendix
- Questionnaire
- Bibliography

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