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Consumer Buying Behavior & Brand Perception of consumers in Shopping Malls (Methodology followed by MGF Group)

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Introduction: MGF DEVELOPMENTES LIMITED is a part of MGF Group. MGF (Motor General Finance) is a very well known company in finance sector and now it is in the shopping malls industry. In India Shopping Malls industry is upcoming industry in India. Today in India Shopping Mall industry is worth 17000 Cr. Industry. In NCR (National Capital Region) Gurgaon is the most favorite place for the shopping malls. M.G. (Meharuli – Gurgaon) Road is the place for all famous shopping malls in Gurgaon. In NCR DLF, MGF, JMD, SAHARA, all big big players are in shopping mall industry. On M.G. Road Gurgaon MGF Group has two shopping malls in operation MGF Metropolitan Mall, MGF Plaza, Sahara Group has its Sahara Mall and DLF Group has its City Centre.
The project involved the study of comparative analysis consumer buying behavior and brand perception of consumers regarding shopping malls on M.G. Road and Metropolitan Mall as a base. The methodology adopted to study the consumer buying behavior & brand perception of consumer is through survey in shopping malls on M.G. Road, 745 consumers were surveyed. The survey is done through the personal interviews by putting different set of structure questionnaire to them.
Consumer purchasing power is the main factor, which determines their buying behavior and brand of shopping malls. Shopping Malls are the places for the fun & entertainment, family outing, shopping and eating’s. In shopping Malls age factor is the most dominant factor in daily footfall. What I studied that in different shopping malls different age group consumers come and they impact on the buying behavior.
1. Metropolitian Mall: In Metropolitan Mall consumers belong to age 20 – 25 and 25 -35 were in the maximum numbers. They either belong to students or services or they are professionals. Consumers in this age group come to the shopping malls either in once in a week or twice in a week. Their purposes to come to a shopping mall are just for fun and entertainment (PVR Movies), eating, and shopping’s. On average they used to spend Rs. 500- 2500 on their per visit in Metropolitan Mall. As a consumer they spend the most on music and entertainment and food and beverages. After this they spend on apparels and sportswear & footwear. In case of girls in this age group they spend a large amount on gifts and beauty products. In this age group the consumers like the metropolitan mall most. The most important think that we observed that the annual house holds income of this category either their own or their parents between 2-5 lakhs and 5 – 10 lakhs. In Metropolitan Mall consumer are specially brand oriented. Consumers in the age group between 25 –35 were also in good numbers. The main different between the age group of 20 –25 and 25 –35 was that consumers in the age group 25 –35 they don’t come just come for the fun they were serious buyers of branded products. The brand images in their minds of Metropolitan Mall were different – different. A large group of this segment have image only of PVR Gurgaon. Next they have image of Shoppers Stops, McDonalds, and Metropolitan Mall. Consumers have the image of Metropolitan Mall is the best place for the entertainment and eating because of good Food joints, restaurants. Most of the consumers of any age group were very much impressed by the ambience and gentry of Metropolitan Mall. A common brand image of Metropolitan Mall was that it is some costly for a big shopping.
2. Sahara Mall: Consumers in Sahara Mall belong to 25 – 35 age and age 35 and above were in the maximum numbers. In this age group consumer were either Homemakers or services, or they were professionals. They come in either once in a week or twice in a month. In Sahara Mall consumers were serious buyers and they either come for the family shopping or for the eating. The annual holds income is between 2 – 5 lakhs common. Consumers spend Rs. Between 500-2500 and more then Rs. 2500.Consumers in shopping mall and spend mostly on Households and eating. Consumers in Sahara Mall are very much influence by discount schemes. A large segment comes for Sahara Mall only for the Pantaloon store. Consumers in Sahara Mall come only for the BIG BAZZAR, HALDIRAM and PANTALOON. The brand image of Sahara Mall in consumers is only Big Bazaar and Haldiram. Some have the image of Pantaloon. The common brand image of Sahara Mall is a mall for the MIDDLE CLASS. It’s a good place for eating and family shopping.
3. MGF PLAZA: MGF PLAZA is commonly visited by consumer in the age group of 25- 35 and age above then 35. Consumers in MGF Plaza are belonging to business, services and most of them Home Makers. Consumers in MGF PLAZA are serious buyers. They come to the Mall once in a month or twice in a month. They just come for the family shopping for the home furnishing and electronic items like TV, Refrigerators etc. Consumers in MGF Plaza are mostly brand oriented. Their common annual house holds income between 2-5 and 5- 10 lakhs. The brand image that they have of MGF Plaza is a complete place for the home furnishing items. Arcus, Samsung, Philpes, LG and Electrolux brand in this mall. Most famous is the Arcus home furnishings. MGF PLAZA a place for the home furnishing items. This mall is totally different from Metropolitan Mall and DLF City Centre.
Consumer who visits any shopping mall on M.G.Road almost comes to visit every shopping mall. In study of shopping malls I found after analysis that Metropolitan Mall is the best place for the fun & Entertainment, eating and branded shopping. Metropolitan Mall is not a place for the middle class. Sahara Mall is good for the family shopping like households, apparels due to Big Bazaar and Pantaloon and good for the eating due to the Haldirams. Sahara Mall is the only one mall on M.G. Road for the middle class. Regarding the MGF PLAZA it is the place only for the home furnishings and essential items for the family. It is the place both for the middle class and higher class.
In my study consumers were taken for all age groups and all classes. In Metropolitan Mall management should think about the indoor games like bowling, snooker for their good time pass in mall. In Metropolitan Mall there should be a disco for the complete fun and entertainment. In Sahara Mall management should also think about to promote other stores except Big Bazaar. Make it like a Shopping mall not like a Big Bazaar store. In MGF PLAZA there are basically home furnishing items so make some plans for these serious customers who visit and purchase from the mall.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 85
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Objectives of the Project
3. Research Plan
- Data Sources
- Research Approach
- Researvh Instrument
- Limitations of the Project
4. MGF Group
- Hands across the Globe
- The Value & The Vision
- A Wealth of Experience
-- A Revolutionary Concept
-- Focus on the Indian Automobile Sector
- The Metropolitan
-- Retail
-- Hospitality
-- Entertainment
-- Lifestyle outlets
- Complete Leisure Zone

5. Data Analysis
- Consumer Buying Behaviour in Metropolitan Mall
- Consumer Buying Behaviour in Sahara Mall
- Consumer Buying Behaviour in MGF Plaza
- Consumer Brand Perception in Metropolitan Mall
- Consumer Brand Perception in Sahara Mall
- Consumer Brand Perception in MGF Plaza

6. Research Findings
7. Recommendations
8. Bibliography
9. Questionnaire

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