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A Study on Various Preservation Techniques for Efficient Stores Management

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Storage and Preservation are an important part of the storekeeping function. When materials remain idle in the store these materials should be taken care of and looked after properly. Otherwise these materials may get perished due to natural chemical reaction like rusting by moisture, melting by heat etc and also may get affected by insets, rats etc.

In order to protect the materials from various adverse effects the following actions should be taken
1. Materials should be stocked free from ground. No material should be stocked on the floor as it may be affected by dampness, white ants etc.
2. Materials should be stocked in the appropriate place according to the nature of the materials.
a. Stationery, Electrical, Civil Engineering, Cleaning and Similar items may be stocked in the steel racks.
b. Medicine items may be stocked in the fridge.
c. Perishable items may be stored in the cold rooms.
d. Explosive, film, fuse items may be stored in the AC room.
e. Attractive items may be stored in shelves under lock and keys.
3. Daily and periodical cleaning should be carried out.
4. Daily and periodical verification of stock should be carried out to ensue correctness of stock.
5. Proper method of handling should be followed to avoid damages to the materials.
6. Preservation materials should be applied to protect the items.
7. Hazardous materials should be segregated and stocked in a separate store house away from other store houses.
8. Safety precautions should be taken and safety appliances should be provided.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 57
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Scope of Warehouse Management
Warehouse Design
Storage Location
Material Management
The Types of Inventory Storage
Block Stacking
Shelves and Bins
Central Storage
Point-of-Use Storage
Dry Storage
Cold Storage


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