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A Research Study on Products and Services through Retailing in Electronic Commerce

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Electronic commerce, often called e commerce, is a kind of industry where exchanging of product or service is completed over electronic systems such as the Internet along with other computer networks. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as commerce, electronic, logistics management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange EDI, inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the web at least at some point in the transactions life cycle, even though it may include a wider range of technologies for example email, mobile devices social networking, and telephones as well.
Electronic commerce is normally accepted as the sales facet of e business. It also includes the exchange of information to facilitate the financial lending and payment facets of business transactions. This is an excellent and efficient method of communicating within an organization and one of the most effective and useful methods for conducting business.

E-commerce is really a common term for any kind of business, or commercial transaction which involves the electronic change in information. This covers a range of various kinds of businesses from consumer based online stores, like, to sites, such as the sponsored search auctions utilized by Google, and business exchanges trading services or goods between corporations and people. The spectacular successes of e-commerce Multi National Companies MNCs like Amazon, Google, Yahoo, eBay etc, which did not exist in the last decade, clearly indicate that E commerce is reshaping the globe economy.The electronic auction house, eBay, whose consumer auction infrastructure is facilitating consumer to consumer transactions, earned revenue of 8.73 billion around 2009 as can compare to 8.54 billion generated in 2008. Google and Yahoo, whose electronic sponsored search auctions are facilitating business to consumer and business to business transactions, earned revenues of 23.33 billion and 6.46 billion, respectively, last year.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 276
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:

Chapter 1 Introduction Electronic Commerce
Chapter 2 E Commerce Impact and Growth
2.1 E Commerce Around the World Regional round up
2.1.1 Asia Pacific
2.1.2 Europe
2.1.3 North America
2.1.4 Latin America
2.1.5 Middle East
2.2 Electronic Retailing Trends in India
2.2.1 Trends of online shopping in India
2.2.2 A Promising Future for E Tailing
Chapter 3
E Commerce Products & Services
3.1 E Commerce Services
3.2 Best Type of E commerce Products
3.3 What sells well of Internet
3.4 Ideal online products
Chapter 4
Electronic Retailing (E Tailing)
4.1 Electronic Retailing Introduction
4.2 Essentials of E Tailing
4.3 E Retailers Back Office Management
4.3.1 Payment Gateway
4.3.2 Support services of E Tailing
4.4 Characteristics of successful e tailing
4.5 Advantages of E Retailing
4.6 Shortcomings of E Retailing
4.7 Success factors for E Retailing
4.7.1 The important factors
4.8 Challenges of E Retailing
4.9 E Retailing Benefits Both Consumers and Marketers
Chapter 5
Electronic Commerce Business Models
5.1 E Retailing A Briefing
5.2 E Commerce Business Models
5.3 E Commerce Product Distribution
5.4 Barriers To E Commerce E-Tailing In India
5.5 How An E Commerce Site Works
5.6 E Tailing Website Design And Launching Process
5.7 Government Regulations In Retail
5.8 Internet Marketing For E Retailing Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 6
E Commerce Product and Service in different Sectors
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Travel & Tourism and E Commerce
6.2.1 Travel and Tourism Services Online
6.2.2 Travel Oriented Social Networks
6.2.3 Benefits of Online Travel Services
6.2.4 Limitations of Online Travel Services
6.2.5 Impact of E Commerce on the travel industry
6.2.6 Intelligent Agents in Travel Services
6.2.7 Intelligent Agents in Online Travel
6.3 Employment and E Commerce
6.3.1 Employment Placement and the Job Market Online
6.3.3 Advantages of online job market
6.3.4 The Internet Job Market
6.3.5 Traditional versus Online Job Markets
6.3.6 Internet Job Marketing
6.3.7 Online Job Markets on Social Networking
6.3.8 Benefits and Limitations of E Job Market
6.4 Real Estate and E Commerce
6.5 E Commerce in the Insurance Industry
6.6 Online Trading in Stocks and Shares and e commerce
6.7 Banking Sector and E Commerce
6.7.1 Banking and Personal Finance Online
6.8 On Demand Delivery of Products
6.8.1 Gifts and e commerce
6.8.2 Hobbies and ecommerce
Chapter 7
Summary and Conclusion
Chapter 8


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