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Identities and Store Image Formation: A Study of Retail Consumer Store Choice Behavior on Apparel Retail Outlet

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Introduction: Store personality/image is the way which the store is defined in the customer’s mind, partly by its functional qualities and partly by an aura of psychological attributes. The functional attributes include aspects like location, price ranges and merchandize selection. The psychological attributes contribute to creation of the store image like Layout and architecture of the store, symbols and colors, Advertising and the store sales personnel.

Store image has been defined and operationalized in a myriad ways. Martineau, 1958 was among the first to link store image or what he called as personality of the store, to the image that a shopper has of oneself. Martineau suggested that a shopper is unable to differentiate based only on price amongst various grocery stores and would tend to shop at that store which is congruent with the self-image. “The shopper seeks the store whose image is most congruent with the image she has of herself. Some stores may intimidate her; others may seem beneath her. A store may be acceptable for one type of goods and not for others.”

Martineau defined the “store personality or image---the way in which the store is defined in the shopper’s mind, partly by its functional qualities and partly by an aura of psychological attributes.” Examining the profile of customers of two Chicago based retailers, Martineau found that the shopper profiles were distinct in terms of social classes (income classes) though the retailer was unaware of this profile difference amongst his customers and believed the store had appeal for all classes. Martineau in his article lists the functional attributes as including aspects like location, price ranges and merchandise selection and illustrates the psychological attributes that contribute to creation of the store image: Layout and architecture of the store, Symbols (emblems) and colors, Advertising and the store Sales Personnel.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 70
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Synopsis:
1. Congruity between Store Image and Social Identity and its impact on Retail Patronage
2. Store Image
3. Defining Store Image
- Store image has three broad components
4. Review of self-concept literature
5. The Consumer Value Perspective
6. Social identity and cognitive information processing: Symbolic Interactionism
7. Present understanding of self-image congruity
8. Cues and Congruity
9. Self-Store image congruity
10. Social Identity and Congruity
11. Identity addressed by the retailer: Personal or Social
12. Proposed further research:
13. Measurement and Scaling
14. Measuring Store Image
15. How Processing of Cues based upon Social Identity impacts store perceptions and store patronage
16. Apparel Store Layout and Design
- Learning Objectives
- Introduction to Store Layout
- Store Image
- Elements of the Store Environment
- Objectives of the Store Environment
- Store Planning
- Allocating Space
- Store Allocation Space
- Merchandising Productivity Analysis

17. Free-Flow Layout
18. Grid Layout
19. Loop Layout
20. Planning Fixtures and Merchandise Presentation
21. Visual Merchandising
22. Store Design
23. Annexure

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