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Identification of Market Share and Strategies for Sony Ericsson (Distribution and Sales Promotion)

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Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is a global provider of mobile multimedia devices, including feature-rich phones, accessories and PC cards. The products combine powerful technology with innovative applications for mobile imaging, music, communications and entertainment. The net result is that Sony Ericsson is an enticing brand that creates compelling business opportunities for mobile operators and desirable, fun products for end users.
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications was established in 2001 by telecommunications leader Ericsson and consumer electronics powerhouse Sony Corporation. The company is owned equally by Ericsson and Sony and announced its first joint products in March 2002.
Sony Ericsson products have universal appeal and are different in the key areas of imaging, music, design and applications. The company has launched products that make best use of the major mobile communications technologies, such as the 2G and 3G platforms, while enhancing its offerings to entry level markets.
Sony Ericsson, a 50:50 joint venture of Sony Corporation and Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, was established in October 2001.
Our vision is to become THE communication entertainment brand. We inspire people to do more than just communicate. We enable everyone to create and participate in entertainment experiences. Experiences that blur the lines between communication and entertainment.
Sony Ericsson's press room section contains recent press releases, the press release archive and the photo library with images of mobile phones and accessories.
Sony Ericsson
uses two different channels for the distribution of its handset: It is the only company that has two national distributors in India. During early 2006, Ingram Micro had been appointed the national distributor of Sony Ericsson, along with Salora International Ltd.
Major Objective:
- To identify the market shares and strategies (distribution and sales promotion) implied by the Sony Ericsson and its major competitors in GSM mobile handset market in Delhi
Minor Objective:
- To identify the region wise and category wise distribution of sales of the major GSM handset brands in Delhi
- To segregate the retailers studied into various sales categories and to analyse their characteristics.
- To identify the distribution and sales promotion strategies being implied by the brands under study in Delhi.
- To analyse the effect of change in distribution strategy of Sony Ericsson mobile phones in Delhi.
- To analyse the present and future of the GSM handset industry in India.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 75
Package Includes: Synopsis/ Project Proposal + Project Report
Synopsis Available: Yes
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
List of Tables
List of Figures
Chapter 1
- Background
- Conceptual Framework
- Literature Review
- Rational of study
- Objectives
- Organization of the study
Chapter 2
- Scope of the Study
- Target
- Respondents
- Hypothesis
- Sources of Data
- Questionnaire Design
- Reliability and Validity
- Sampling
- Procedure for data Collection
Chapter 3
- Data Presentation
- Market Share of Various Brands
- Sales of GSM Phones in Various Price Ranges
- Sales in each Price Category
- Price wise Distribution for Each Brand:
- Sales of GSM Phones in Various Regions
- Share of Various Brands in Different Regions
- Analysis of Retailers in Delhi
- Interval of Stock Replenishment by Retailers
- Sales of Different Brands for different Categories of Retailers
- Type of Retailers for Various Brands
- Type of Retailers in Various Regions
- Supply of BTL Material in Retailer Categories
Chapter 4
- Strategies of Various Brands
- BTL Material Supply
- Evaluation of Distribution Strategy of Sony Ericsson
- Indian GSM Handset Industry (Present and Future)
Chapter 5:Hypothesis testing
- Nokia
- Sony Ericsson
- Motorola
- Samsung
- LG
- BenQ-Siemens
Chapter 6
- Major Findings
Suggestions for Improvement

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