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To Study the Distribution of Dettol Soap and suggest countermeasures to Improve the Coverage

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This study was conducted on “Distribution and to suggest countermeasures to improve the coverage” with specific reference of Dettol soap compare to other brand (Medimix, Margo, Hamam) in Lucknow .The survey was undertaken: -
- To identify the company position among medicated soaps manufacturing company.
- To examine the reason why the retailer is interested to sale particular brand.
- To determine these factor which persuade the retailer for sale of Dettol
- To find out which type of incentives they would prefer and why?
- To study the effect at credit incentives provided by company.
- To study the effect of regular supply on the sale of product.

India with a population of 110 crores is potentially is one of the largest consumer market in the world, with urbanization and development of economy tastes and interests of the people changes according as advance nation.
Marketing is about wining in the new environment. It is about understanding what consumer wants and supplying it more attractive than competitors.
The consumer market can be identified as the market of products and services that are purchased by individuals as household for their personal consumption and at times for institutional use. Soap is a typical consumer product purchased by individual and institutions. The Soap market is facing a cutthroat competition and many companies are floating the market with their products in different brand names .In such a situation different factors that influence the customer choice for Soap are quality, image, easily availability and the product cost of advertisement. Soap has been with us in one form or another for thousands of years. The story goes that in Rome in around 1,000 B.C. at a place called Sapo Hill, the women were washing their clothes in a small tributary of the river Tiber, below a religious site where animal sacrifice took place. They noticed that the clothes became clean upon contact with the soapy clay, which was dripping down the hill and into the water. It was noticed later that the animal fat soaking through the wood ashes and into the clay soil formed this cleansing agent.

Number of Pages of Project Report:
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Section - A
The Project Profile
1.Project Background & Introduction.
2.Why This Project Was Undertaken.
3.Problem Environment.
4.The Problems Being Faced.
5.Competitive Situation.

Section – B
The Project Background & Methodology
1.Research Problem.
2.Research Objectives & Related Sub
3.Information Requirements-In Detail & Source
Of Information.
4.Choice Of Reserach Design – Alternatives &
5.Research Instrument Used – Details & Why?
6.Sampling Techniques Used & Sample Size – Why?
7.Field Work – Method Used For Data
8.Analytical Tools Used.

Section – C
1.Sample Profile.
2.Primary Data Tabulation & Interpretatio.
3.Cross/ Bivariate & Other Analysis.
4.Interpretation & Findings.


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