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The Study of Advertising Agencies

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“The word that bridges the gap between “no more” to “know more”- Advertising and further between “know more” and “grow more”. Knowledge is power, they say and today the biggest weapon of power in anyone’s hands is that of advertising. Just as water is to a fish, advertising is to business; something without which the basic question of survival is bound to rise.
In this jungle of name and fame, where every creature confidently defies William Shakespeare when he says,” What’s there in a name” there is definitely everything attached to name and it’s this name which gives you fame……And what gives an identity it’s name? Well, the only golden word “Advertising” Definitely roses will not smell less sweet by any other name but businesses will undoubtedly go back to the coffers if the world forgets their names and to keep them alive in the minds of billions, you go for publicity.
Today everyone advertises – from crèches to crematorium ,from hotels to hospitals, from clubs to pubs,from marriage bureaus to lawyers…… well name it and you have it. Everyone needs recognition, from a 6 month baby in the cradle to a 60 year old preparing for a graveyard, from a beggar to a billionaire…… everyone wants you to recognize in a train or in a plane , irrespective of what you are. In the yesteryears , everything was considered fair in love & war and advertising . It does not mind if you have to pull someone down, important is that you should rise.
And who helps you to project yourself in the public, who brings you from the greenlight to the limelight, who brings you from the darkness of ignorance to the light of recognition? Obviously, the advertising gurus seated comfortably in their mind-blowing offices
These Advertising Agencies may be raking in big “moollahs” but no one can question their contribution in enabling the business to burn their “choolahs” .Today there are the movie moghuls and cricketing badshahs dancing on their fingertips, models and celebrities weaving their irresistible web of magic around people like us. Well, necessity is the mother of invention and our necessities have opened the doors of prosperity for these agencies.
Be it a product or be it a service, they have the magic formulae for everything and mind you, these formulae really work on our minds as is clear from our very own experiences. And sometimes their roles really makes a layman wonder as to what would have happen to those hundreds of unsung brands appearing as faces in the crowd on some rack or shelves of a huge supermarket or a not-so-popular stores if these agencies would have never risen from the sands of time.
Today, the exposure of every individual to advertisements and advertising has increased manifolds than what it was in the past. Kudos to these agencies ; at least they have turned out to be major trend-setters and torch-bearers for people like us showing us the way to the magnanimous world of sophisticated products & services. However unethical and materialistic these agencies may be, at times in a bid to grab the lion’s share of the buyers’ market, it is doubtlessly certain that without these agencies we would have never come out from the age of transistors to reach the modern age of home theatres. Well, every cloud has a silver lining to it.
Who can forget the extent and the manner in which Reliance Infocomm marketed its Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) Technology on the onset of the launch of its mobile service. Irrespective of the post-use catastrophes, the impact of solid marketing & publicity on the minds of an ordinary laymen for whom having a mobile in hand was nothing less than wearing a gold ring in the ring finger is reflected in the way such a person is today using a cell phone. The hype was created by the agencies like Xebec Communications who advertised the product of one of the Fortune 500 Companies of India and the hysteria still continues.
The Objectives of the Project Report:
The project deals with the study of advertising agencies encompassing a multi-dimensional discussion on the whereabouts of these agencies, their modus operandi, their manner and coverage of operations, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities available to them and the threats posing obstacles in their journey to the max. This study shows the diversity underlining their operations and at the same time the unity in aims, objectives and target. As during the preparation of this project, some inevitable obstacles and natural hindrances restricted the scope of this study just as these agencies are restricted by many environmental and socio-economic factors, nonetheless, its a sincerest attempt to do the best possible justice to the said topic.
(1) Xebec
(2) Canco
(3) McCann-Erickson
(4) Carat
(5) Percept
(6) Mudra

Number of Pages of Project Report:88
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
CH 1 Research Methodology
CH 2 Introduction
CH 3 Profile
3.1 Introduction to Advertising Agencies
3.2 Functions of Advertising Agencies
3.3 Model Organization Structure

1.1 The Whereabouts
1.2 Modus Operandi
1.3 The Canvas on which Xebec paints its product
1.4 How can I know about Xebec?
1.5 SWOT Analysis
1.6 Case Studies
1.7 Awards and Achievements
1.8 Who’s who in Xebec
1.9 Divisions of Xebec
1.10 List of Clients
2.1 The Whereabouts
2.2 Modus Operandi
2.3 SWOT Analysis
2.4 List of clients
3.1 The Whereabouts
3.2 Modus Operandi
3.3 SWOT Analysis
3.4 Canvas on which Canco paints its product
3.5 How can I know about Canco
3.6 Organization Structure
3.7 Facilities offered by Canco
3.8 Awards
4.1 History
4.2 Who’s Who
4.3 Modus Operandi
4.4 SWOT Analysis
5.1 History
5.2 Pioneers in Advertising Agencies
5.3 Divisions
5.4 Founder
5.5 List of Awards
5.6 Major Clients
5.7 Organization Structure
CH 5 SWOT Analysis of Advertising Agencies-Comparative Study
CH 6 Statistics
6.1 Comparison between Gross Income of Top 25 Agencies
6.2 Growth of Advertising Agencies
6.3 Top 20 Advertising Agencies
6.4 Top 20 Advertising Spenders
6.5 Agencies Ranking
6.6 2001- Top Ten Multinational Advertisers
6.7 2001- Top Ten Advertising Agencies
6.8 Comparison of Agencies on the basis of Worldwide Gross Income
6.9 Graph of Growth of Agencies
CH 7 Suggestions and Recommendations
CH 8 Conclusion
CH9 Annexure
CH10 Bibliography and Webliography

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