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Study of International Marketing

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Introduction: There are several good reasons for studying marketing. First of all, marketing issues are important in all areas of the organization—customers are the reasons why businesses exist! In fact, marketing efforts (including such services as promotion and distribution) often account for more than half of the price of a product. As an added benefit, studying marketing often helps us become more savvy consumers. We will learn, for instance, that the per unit price of a bigger package is frequently higher than that of a smaller one, and that more expensive products are frequently not better in quality.
Criteria that must be met for marketing to occur: Several criteria must be met for marketing to occur:
- There must be two parties, each with unsatisfied needs or wants. This want, of course, could be money for the seller.
- Each must have something to offer. Marketing involves voluntary “exchange” relationships where both sides must be willing parties. Thus, a consumer who buys a soft drink in a vending machine for 60¢ must value the soft drink, available at that time and place, more than the money. Conversely, the vendor must value the money more. (It is interesting to note that money is, strictly speaking, not necessary for this exchange to take place. It is possible, albeit a bit cumbersome, to exchange two ducks for a pair of shoes.)
- The parties must be able to communicate. This could be through a display in a store, an infomercial, or a posting on eBay.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 62
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Need of Study
- Criteria that must be met for marketing to occur
- The Marketing Vs. the selling concept
- The 4 Ps
2. Key terms
3. Review of subject

- What is Marketing
- The Marketing Environment
-- Elements of the Environment
--Environmental Scanning
- Strategic Planning and the Marketing Process
- SWOT Analysis
- Criteria for effective marketing plans
- Consumer Behaviour
- The Global Marketplace
- Marketing Research
-- Primary vs. Secondary Research
- Electronic Commerce
- Economics
-- Historical Basics for Trade
-- Protectionism
-- Justifications for protectionism
-- Effects of protectionism
-- Efforts to encourage trade
-- Stages in International Trade Agreements
- Economics Issues
- Measuring Country Wealth
- Economic Trends
- Culture
- Political and Legal Influences
- Segmentation, Targeting and positioning
- Entry Strategies
- Market Analysis Tools
4. Opinion of Respondent
5. Hypothesis
6. Major Findings (Conclusion)
7. Suggestions
8. Sample Design
9. Analysis of Data
10. Bibliography
11. Appendix

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