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To Understand the International Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Strategies of Nokia

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Introduction: The first chapter of the findings deals with the history of Nokia- how it has come to its present form and different phases of the growth of the company and it is followed by the profile of the company internationally and different business units of Nokia with their objectives and then followed by the marketing strategies & the company’s operations internationally.
Then we talk about operations in India where introduction is given of cellular telephony in India and we talk how cellular company and cell manufacturers are closely related. This section is finished with a profile of Nokia.
After this we talk about marketing strategies of Nokia in India and it has been divided into product, price, place and promotions followed by community involvement activities of Nokia internationally in which they take active interest and they promote themselves as an environmentally friendly company. It is followed by the production strategies of Nokia and then how Nokia has profiled its customers.
Then the SWOT analysis of the company followed by competitor’s analysis and we concentrated on Samsung prominently as it follows Nokia very closely in terms of market share. How Nokia plans to be ahead in future and maintain its numero uno position in handsets industry. At the last we deal with limitations of the project. We finally concluded by recommendation and at last we have appendix in which the different ad campaigns, both print and TV Commercials are considered and it has both national and international advertisement.

The main objectives of the project are:
To understand the marketing and advertising strategies of Nokia.
- To analyze the strategies and its effect on the corporate profile of the company
- To compare the strategies of Nokia with its competitors and to analyze its strengths.
- To realize the role being played by advertising and promotion on the change in sales volume of the company
- To understand the future trends in advertising and marketing in mobile handsets sector especially.
- To understand the international operations of the company

Number of Pages of Project Report: 124
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Synopsis
2. Objectives
3. Theoritical Overview
- Basics of advertising and marketing
- Colour
- Appeals
4. Methodology
5. Findings
- History of Nokia
- International Profile of Nokia
- Business Units
- Objectives of Company
- Marketing Strategies International
- Indian Operations
- History of Cellular Telephone
- Cellular Company v/s Cell Manufacturers
- Profile of Nokia in India
- Product
- Price
- Place
- Promotions
- Community Involvement Activities
- Production Strategies
- Customer Profiling
- SWOT of Nokia
- Competitor analysis of Nokia
- Marketing Strategy of Samsung
- Road to the Future
6. Limitations
7. Conclusion
8. Recommendations
9. Annexure
10. Bibliography

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