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Advertising and Sales Promotion Techniques Used By Retail Businesses With Special Reference To Big Bazaar

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Introduction: SPSS as the statistical tool is being used to measure the effect. Advertising and Sales promotion is indispensable part of any Retail business. They help to entice the customers from local retailer of unorganized system to the big retail companies of organized system .In organized retail system sales promotion and advertising is even far more important because they need a big force to drag them into these giant retail stores. Big Bazaar has been using these promotional techniques since its establishment that helps it in maintaining as well as increasing its sales. It mainly counts on it sales promotion techniques and advertising that have always been unique. In the project ďAdvertising and Sales promotion techniques used by Retail Businesses with special reference to Big Bazaar ďWe have tried to study all the big advertising and sales promotion campaigns of Big Bazaar. Apart from the study part, We have tried to find whether Advertising and Sales promotion of Big Bazaar really influences the sales of Big Bazaar, taking it as hypothesis of my study we started up with research.
The main objectives of the project are:
- To find out the influence of Advertising and Sales promotion on the sales of the Big Bazaar
- To find the most effective tool of Sales promotion technique to entice customers used by Retail businesses.
- To study various advertising and sales promotion techniques used by Big Bazaar.
- To find out the influence of Advertising and Sales promotion on the sales of Big Bazaar.
- To find the effectiveness of the Brand recall and Recognition of Big Bazaar.
- To find out the ranking of Big Bazaar with its relative competitors as per the customers.
- To find certain new techniques that Big Bazaar can adopt to improve its services

Number of Pages of Project Report: 84
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
2.1 Retail Industry in India
2.2 Big Bazaar
2.3 Glimpses of few Advertising and Sales Promotion Campaigns of Big Bazaar
3. Literature Review
3.1 What is Retailing?
3.2 Types of Retailing
3.3 Retail Formats
3.4 Retail Industry: An Overview
3.5 Government policy for Retail sector in India
3.6 Evolution of Indian Retail
3.7 Traditional Retail Formats
3.8 Life Cycle of Retail Formats
3.9 Emerging Trends in Indian Retail Industry
3.10 Latest Developments in Retail
3.11 Major players enter the Indian Retail Sector
4. Research Objectives
5. Research Methodology
6. Data Analysis
7. Findings
8. Recommendations
9. Limitations
10. Professional and Personal Limitations while doing the study
11. Conclusion
12. Bibliography
13. Annexure

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