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Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction of Rahmat Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.

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The fact that the perceived quality of the product is becoming the most important competition factor in business world has been the reason of naming the present business era as Quality Era Peeler, 1996. Consequently, service marketing intellectuals and researchers have offered several metaphors of this issue. For example, Berry cited in Kandampully, 1998, p 423 calls it the most powerful competition weapon and Clow 1993 calls it the organizations life giving blood.

Quality is a multi dimensional phenomenon. Thus, reaching the service quality without distinguishing the important aspects of quality is impossible. In his discussion of service quality, Gronroos 2000 refers to three dimensions of output technical quality, service performance quality, and organizations mental picture. Also, Lehtinen and Lehtinen cited in Harrison, 2000 have referred to dimensions of physical quality, interactive quality, and organizational quality as three dimensions of service quality. Although these attempts have had a major role in division of service quality into process quality and output quality, but they lack enough details. On this basis, Zeithaml et al. 1996 have referred to ten dimensions of service quality in their primary researches.

Number of Pages of Synopsis: 8
Package Includes: Synopsis
Synopsis Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
2. Rationale of the Study
3. Need of the Study
4. Statement of the Study
5. Objectives of the Study
6. Scope of the Study
7. Research Methodology
8. Contribution from the Study
9. Limitations of the Study
10. Future Directions
11. Chapter Scheme

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