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Marketing Strategy of Product and Services at Standard Chartered Bank

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Introduction: STANDARD CHARTERED has built its leadership by making itself as one on the world’s leading emerging bank. In the present scenario when it has become difficult to survive in such a cut throat competition, STANDARD CHARTERED is able to not only survive but to hold top position in markets banking sector the bank serves both consumer and wholesale banking customers. The consumer bank provides saving A/C’s, credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, etc. and the wholesale bank provides services to national and multinational clients in trade finance, cash management, custody, lending etc.
This project was done to know the marketing strategy of Standard Chartered Bank and to know how to make customer satisfy.
The objectives of this project are:
- To know the state of mind of an individual who is buying the products and services of Standard Chartered Bank.
- The main objective of the project is to do research on the marketing strategy of Product and Services and find out that where the bank is lacking.

Phases of Research: First phase included identification and selection of banks to be studied and to determine the parameter on which respondent will justify his preference. Basically the product and services that different private sector banks are offering are considered to be the major parameters. Back ground of individual like age, gender and income level is also taken into consideration. A questionnaire is designed to collect the needed information from the respondents.
In the second phase data was collected through questionnaire from 30 respondents within DELHI, NOIDA AND GHAZIABAD. Results are to be viewed cautiously as sample is coming from a specific population. The response that is generated during this exercise is converted in the form of percentages to have a comparative outlook, as the numbers itself cannot explain the true picture. These percentages are then represented through the simple tools like bar graphs, pie charts, etc.

Number of Pages of Project Report:
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction to the Industry
- Overview of Indian Banking Sector
- Private & Foreign Banks
- Banking
- RBI Banking
- Indian Banking System
- Scheduled and Now Scheduled Banks
- The Current Banking Sector in India
- Regulations of Foreign Banks
- Government and RBI Regulations

2. Introduction of the Company
- Profile of the Organization
-- A Brief History of Standard Chartered Bank
-- Our Operation
- Standard Chartered Bank
- The Early Years
- The Post War Years
- Standard Chartered Bank from 1990's till...
- Problems of the Organization
- Comparison Chart of Saving Account of Std Chartered Bank, ABN- AMRO, Citibank
- Comparison Chart of Services Provided by ICICI HDFC, HSBC
- SWOT Analysis

3. Research Methodology
3.1 Title Justification
3.2 Objective
3.3 Scope of the Study
3.4 Significance of the Study
3.5 Research Design
3.6 Analyzing the Survey

4. Facts & Findings
5. Data Analysis
6. Findings
7. Recommendations
8. Conclusion
9. Bibliography
10. Annexures

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