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Services Marketing of Coffee Shops

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As the economy recovers, coffee shop services markets are feverishly innovating, licensing fashion brands, and styling for every possible taste. Rivals at all levels are realizing that it now takes more than good taste and price to stand out from the vast herd of similar service providers.
This report covers detailed description of the previously mentioned coffee shop services at all levels, from their ambience to their add on services. The strategies of several marketers are examined in detail so as to make a sound comparison between the three brands. Various features of the products like taste, quality, price, brand image are considered that drives a consumer to a particular outlet.
Barista, lndia's largest and fastest growing retailer of fine coffees was established in February 2000 by Barista Coffee Company Limited, to recreate the ambience and experience of the typical Italian neighborhood Espresso Bars in India.
Barista Coffee aims- To provide a comfortable place for people to relax and unwind over a cup of coffee.
Brand belief of Barista – to serve the best coffee and delectable food at reasonable prices, in a new experience.
Barista traces its roots back to the old coffee houses in Italy - the hotbeds of poetry, love, music, writing, revolution and of course, fine coffee. Drawing inspiration from them, we have single-handedly taken on the challenge to open people's eyes to the simple pleasures of coffee and revolutionize the coffee drinking experience in every city that we invade.
To live up to this promise, we have employed skilled Italian roast masters at our roastery in Venice. Sourced only the finest quality Arabicas. And have had our espresso bars designed to reflect a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. Add to this, a menu you can ponder over for hours and you have everything you need to escape the pressures of daily life.
At last count, the aroma of fine Barista coffee permeated in over 100 espresso bars across India, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. If you have any trouble finding one, we suggest you simply follow your nose.

Number of Pages of Project Report:40
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
2. Barista Coffee Company Limited
- About the Company
- Some Important facts about the company
- Awards
- Franchising system
- Barista in Current Scenario
- Product Profile
3. Nescafe
- About the Company
- Cafe Formats
- Business Association
- Customer Profile
- Product Profile
4. Costa Coffee
- About the Company
- Product Profile
5. Comparison of Barista, Nescafe, and Costa Coffee
6. Comparative Analysis with Conclusion
7. Recommendations

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