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A study on capital budgeting: Josh Talks Private Ltd

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There are different methods adopted for capital budgeting. The traditional methods or non discount methods include: Payback period and Accounting rate of return method. The discounted cash flow method includes the NPV method, profitability index method and IRR.
Payback period method
As the name suggests, this method refers to the period in which the proposal will generate cash to recover the initial investment made. It purely emphasizes on the cash inflows, economic life of the project and the investment made in the project, with no consideration to time value of money. Through this method selection of a proposal is based on the earning capacity of the project. With simple calculations, selection or rejection of the project can be done, with results that will help gauge the risks involved. However, as the method is based on thumb rule, it does not consider the importance of time value of money and so the relevant dimensions of profitability.
1. Capital budgeting is an essential tool in financial management
2. Capital budgeting provides a wide scope for financial managers to evaluate different projects in terms of their viability to be taken up for investments
3. It helps in exposing the risk and uncertainty of different projects
4. It helps in keeping a check on over or under investments
5. The management is provided with an effective control on cost of capital expenditure projects
6.Ultimately the fate of a business is decided on how optimally the available resources are used

Number of Pages of Project Report: 59
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
CHAPTER 1 Introduction
CHAPTER 2 Organization Profile
CHAPTER 3 Theoretical Perspective
CHAPTER 4 Literature Review
CHAPTER 5 Research Methodology
CHAPTER 6 Data Analysis
Findings and Recommendations


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