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Financial challenges faced by start ups

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To start a business or to become an entrepreneur will be everyones dream, Making It come true takes a lot of time, effort, and money. There are over 20lakh companies in India and being one of them is like being a sand in the sandstorm. Majority of the students passed out from universities are not becoming an entrepreneur, everyone needs a job.
Money is necessary for every single new business idea. Some businesses take years until they make profit. This does not mean that the business that does not initially generate profit is not going to succeed. Entrepreneurs have to start with seed capital. Money is necessary to rent premises, hire staff, lease equipment or more.
The entrepreneur that is middle aged or even older tends to have some money available. Younger entrepreneurs do not have the funds that they need. In many cases they even still pay off student loans.

Lack Of Networking
If you are young, most of your friends just start out. There is no web of connections that you can use. Networking opportunities are simply not available. As you look for the funding options and you do not have connections, problems appear.
Simply put, you will spend more time for the business to become successful. You need to be respected as a businessman. This only happens in time and when you are actively networking.

A Poor Credit History
Those that are older have a better credit history. This is because they spent more time building a high and solid credit rating. Youthful mistakes were solved. With the younger entrepreneurs every single bad financial decision made is still featured on the credit reports. Due to this, loan companies and credit card companies will often turn younger entrepreneurs down and will not offer financing. Even if a loan is offered, interest rates tend to be high.

Discrimination Based On Age
Older people are seen as being more responsible and wiser. Younger entrepreneurs tend to be discriminated simply because of age. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about this. The only real solution is to be sure that you do your job right. Your business plan will always be the best weapon you have as you try to secure financing.

The Fear Of Being In Debt
Owning money is not a pleasant feeling. However, as you age you quickly figure out that a part of your debt was positive. Short-term business loans are always taken out after you carefully plan repayment schedules. They can be highly advantageous for the business. However, if you are afraid of being in debt, it is possible that you make bad decisions as you look for financing options.
All colleges in India are preparing and competing with each other to make their students get placed in a better firm, and except a very few colleges supports and provides training for entrepreneurship. What happens after getting placed in a company, they will work lifelong under someone maybe without satisfaction in their jobs. Everyone may not get a satisfying job. Many entrepreneurs born when they realize that they cannot continue working under someone or a dissatisfying job or if they come from a family having a business background.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 60
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Theoretical Background
Perceived Privacy Risk
Privacy Risk and the Internet
Perceived Privacy Risk and Willingness to Provide Personal Information Online
Perceived Risk and Willingness to Purchase
Isolating Perceived Privacy Risk
Alleviating Perceived Privacy Risk
The Risk-Trust Relationship
Privacy Policy Disclosure and Online Trust
The Effects of Brand Strength
The Interaction between Privacy Policy Disclosure and Brand Strength
A Conceptual Model
Brand equity in service industry
Consumers buying behaviour
Literature Review
Research Methodology
Objectives of the study
Methodology of the study


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