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The study on Indian Financial System Post Liberalization

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An efficient, articulate and developed financial system is indispensable for the rapid economic growth of any country or economy. The process of economic development is invariably accompanied by a corresponding and parallel growth of financial organizations. However, their institutional structure, operating policies, regulatory or legal framework differ widely, and are largely influenced by the prevailing politico economic environment. Planned economic development in India had greatly influenced the course of financial development. The liberalization or deregulation or globalization of the Indian economy since the early nineties has had important implications for the future course of development of the financial system or sector. The present essay sketches the main stands in the evolution of the Indian financial system against the background of the development of planning and economic liberalization. The focus of description of the emerging trend is organizational or structure or institutional and not quantitative data. The evolution of the Indian financial system falls, from the viewpoint of exposition, into three distinct phases. Accordingly, the essay is divided into three parts corresponding to the three phases. The principal features of the organization of the Indian financial system before 1951 are outlined in Phase 1. The main elements of the system during the second phase are presented in Phase 2. Phase 3 is devoted to delineating the emerging scenario in the post 1990 period.

The present study has been undertaken by the researcher with the following objectives

1. To study the overview and general performance of the Indian financia System with special reference to post liberalization

2. To measure the operational productivity of the Public Sector Banks and their efficiency in executing the banking operations during the Post- liberalization period

3. To analyze the profitability of the Public Sector Banks for a span of 15 years and to find out the effect of operational productivity and efficiency on the profitability.

4. To suggest measures needed for enhancing the operational productivity , profitability and efficiency of the PSBs in India .

Number of Pages of Project Report: 60
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
CHAPTER 1 Introduction
Statement of the problem
CHAPTER 2 Background of the study
CHAPTER 3 Literature Review
Types of Financial Sector Reforms:
CHAPTER 4 Research Methodology
Type of Research Method
Future directions for further research
Expected contribution from the study
CHAPTER 5 Data Analysis


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