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To Study the Venture Financing in the Sme Sector in India

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The objective of the current project was to study the venture financing in the Indian SME sector. The project was started as to how the venture capital has developed in India over the number of years. Then the idea was to study the regulatory framework for the same . Here again the emphasis was laid on the SME sector in the country. SME sector consists of the small and medium enterprises in the country and as to how their needs are being fulfilled to start their own venture.

To begin with the study data was collected from secondary sources which consisted of journals, magazines and the Internet. To gain an inside perspective and to get a first hand information discussions were done with two VC funds that are operating for the SME sector like Avishkaar and SIDBI. The concentration was laid on their operations , their mode of selection , their profitability and exit routes which was further elaborated by taking real life case studies. Further a structured questionnaire was also put to them to get the information.

The conclusion which we could draw from our study was VC Funds recognizes that nurturing SME companies in India is slow and requires enormous patience. It works over much longer periods with its companies than its counterparts in India. In at least a couple of cases, it chose to stick with and help ultimately successful companies when they were down and out with multi-year losses. Venture capitalists prefer to invest in “entrepreneurial businesses”. This does not necessarily mean small or new businesses. Rather, it is more about the investment’s aspirations and potential for growth, rather by current size. Such businesses are aiming to grow rapidly to a significant size. Traditional micro finance ventures are too small and restrictive and the large VC funds offer finance to the tune of US & 1 million, this is where these smaller funds help the rural India of 800 million people turn entrepreneurs. . The funds like Avishkaar and SIDBI who finance the needs of SME segment are having a profitability of nearly 25% on yoy basis.

  “The dividends paid to the investors of venture capital fund’s should be exempt from tax.. Foreign venture capital investment should be encouraged by providing additional tax exemptions

Domestic flows of venture capital in the form of insurance provident funds, pension funds, mutual funds etc. need to be encouraged.  The management of VC funds has to revisit its processes and monitoring systems, which have to increase and improve interaction with the investee companies to a great extent. Valuations have to become realistic; secondly, the due diligence process should be much more thorough; thirdly, weaker companies should be allowed either to phase out or merge with stronger companies.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 79
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: Review Of Literature
1.1 Venture Capital- Conceptual Framework
1.2 Feature Of Venture Capital
1.3 Stage Financing In Venture Capital
1.4 Venture Financing In Sme Sector

Chapter 2: Research Methodolgy
2.1 Research Design
2.2 Rationale Of Study
2.3 Objectives For Study
2.4 Limtations Of Study

Chapter 3: Findings And Analysis
3.1 Avishkaar India – Overview
3.2 Avishkaar India Funds
3.3 Case Study – Analysis
3.4 Sidbi – Overview
3.6 Sidbi Funds
3.8 Case Study – Sharma Foods Analysis

Chapter 4: Conclusion And Suggestions
4.1 Conclusions
4.2 Suggestions

Chapter 5: Biblography
Chapter 6: Questionnaire

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