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Cash Flow and Fund Flow

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1. Government securities constituted by far the most important asset in the portfolio of the L.I.C. throughout the period, they are increasing but the importance of these securities in the portfolio registered a decline over the period (from 50% to 54% during 1957 to 1963 to 36% by the end of march 1975).
2. Loans to State Electricity Boards, statutory authorities, housing loans and loans guaranteed by Central and State Govt. progressively because an important outlet for investment funds of the corporation.
3. Minimum operation in short terms market. Generally relying on long-term investments and thus losing opportunities for earning.
4. L.I.C. gross yield performance has increased over time.
Year gross yield
Prior to 1963-64 less than 5%
1969-70 6%
1974-75 6.93
But it is less impressive than the rise in yield earned by the leading British and U.S. life companies (their yield is approx. more than 7%).
5. There is a rise in the amount of policy loans advanced by the L.I.C. as well corporate investment in land and house property
On the whole it has been observed that frequent govt. intervention and handicap autonomy in taking investment decisions is affecting the performance of L.I.C.
Increasingly it has been used as an instrument to bring back the stock markets in line. Whenever there is a sharp decline in stock markets it is asked to invest large amounts of funds in the stock markets.
Lack of Professionalism is also possible for its poor performance.
Under the Insurance Regulatory Development Act (IRDA) banks, private sectors bank, public limited company have been allowed to enter into insurance services whether its is life insurance of non-life insurance sector. In the year 2001 three private sector banks/public sector companies have applied to Reserve Bank of India/ IRDA to procure licenses for setting up the insurance business. Only one public sector bank that is State Bank of India has entered joint venture with Cardiff, PLC of France with 26% equity participation to set up Life Insurance Business which is supplied to its customer under the umbrella of Banc Assurance means to provide Insurance services to the P segment customers. Mr. R. Krishna Murthy as CEO of SBI Life Insurance Subsidiary has started functioning from its corporate center at Mumbai.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 61
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction to Funds Flow and Cash Flow
- Meaning of Fund
- Meaning of Flow
- Meaning of Funds Flow Statement
- Objectives of Funds Flow Statement
- Distinction between Funds Flow Statement and Balance Sheet
- Meaning of Cash Flow Statement
- Funds Management
- Asset Liability Management
- Risk Affecting Management
- Asset Liability Management Strategies

2. Investment Policy of Life Insurance
- Introduction
- Portfolio Choice of Life Companies
- Yield Risk
- Precautionary motive and speculative motive
- Income Risk

3. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
- Growth of LIC
- Investments
- Life Fund
- Claims
- LIC and the Five Year Plans
- Some Trends

4. Conclusion
5. Recommendations
6. Annexure

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