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Financing Structure of Indian Corporations

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This project was undertaken to understand the various components of the Indian Financial System, the various sources of finance that are used by the Indian Corporates to raise capital, the different types of financial instruments with special emphasis on long-term financial instrument in order to understand the financing structure of Indian Corporates. The study was undertaken to analyse the financing structure of Premier Automobiles Ltd. On the basis of data collected from primary and secondary sources, we have reached the conclusion that the financing structure per se has no effect on the valuation of a firm but the signals emanating from these instruments has an effect on the firm valuation. Also, since Premier Automobiles Ltd. is likely to loose its market share considerably in the next financial year because of intense competition, if and when it decides to raise capital it should issue equity capital.
The Indian Financing System:
The Indian financial system consists of variety of institutions, markets and instruments that are closely inter-related to each other. It provides the principal means by which savings are transferred into investments.
Financial Instruments:
Financial instruments range from coins, currency notes, demand deposits, corporate debentures, gilt edged securities and equity shares, futures and options.
Money is issued by the Reserve Bank of India and to a minor extent by the Ministry of Finance.
Demand Deposit:
This is a promise to repay a given sum as and when demanded by the holder. It may or may not carry interest with it.
Short-term Debt:
This is a promise to repay a specified sum along within a period of one year.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 28
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
- Indian Financial System
- Financial Instruments
- Financial Institutions
- Financial Markets
3. Sources of Long-Term Finance
- Retained Earnings
- Equity Capital
- Preference Capital
- Debenture Capital
- Term Loans
4. Premier Automobiles Limited
- Summary Information
- Shareholding
- Equity Share Data
- Income Data
5. Conclusions
6. Bibliography

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