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Raising Finance in Overseas Markets–A Study Focused on Preference of Source of Finance Made by an Indian Corporate

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The focus of this study is to understand weather an Indian corporate is indifferent towards a particular source of capital or not. The dissertation attempts to understand if at all a corporate has a preference for a particular source of finance. The various overseas sources of finance available to an Indian corporate have been discussed and the dissertation had gone further of exploring why Indian organizations are raising finance overseas. The purpose of this study is to gain knowledge on the various assessment criterions that an Indian corporate needs to take into account if it decides to raise capital from overseas sources.

Indian Corporates after liberalization have witnessed ever-increasing demand for money. And if they raise capital overseas there are various benefits. The study is thus important for an Indian company, which now wants to raise capital. The findings of the study will help any Indian company looking to raise capital overseas

The study basically attempts to find out if an Indian Corporate is indifferent towards a particular source of finance. Studying this aspect will help in understand why an Indian corporate wants to raise finance from overseas markets and also to prepare some kind of a framework for companies wanting to raise finance overseas in the future.

The globalisation drive of the 21st Century has pushed firms into increasing efficiency and expanding their business. This drive has lead to an ever-increasing demand for resources such as money, and when the domestic markets seem unfavorable there is a need to look beyond. The purpose of this project is to gain knowledge about various sources of raising funds in overseas markets. And more importantly to find out weather an Indian corporate has a preference for a particular source of finance or not.

Research Problem Identification
‘ Is an Indian Corporate indifferent towards an overseas source of finance’

Number of Pages of Project Report: 65
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction & Objectives
2. Introduction To The Topic
3. Overview Of Sources Of Raising Money In Overseas Markets
4. Sources Of Raising Finance In Overseas Markets
4.1 External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs)
- Types Of ECBs
-- Commercial Bank Loans,
-- Securitised Instruments
-- Buyer’s Credit,
-- Supplier’s Credit,
-- Multilateral Financial Institutions
- Pros & Cons Of ECBs

4.2 International Bond Market
- Foreign Bonds
- Euro Bonds
4.3 International Equity Market
- Foreign Equity
-- Unsponsored ADR Programme
-- Sponsored Level I ADR
-- Sponsored Level II & III ADR
-- Privately Placed & Offshore Drs
- Euro Equity
-- Global Depository Receipts

4.4 Derivatives
- Options Contracts
- Swaps
- Futures Contracts

5. Literature Review
- Hypothesis
6. Research Methodology & Methods
7. Presentation & Analysis Of Findings
- Indian Companies That Have Raised Finance Overseas
- Infosys Technologies Limited
- Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
- Why Are Indian Companies Raising Money Abroad

8. Analysis of External Sources
9. Conclusion & Recommendations
10. Limitations of the Study
11. Bibliography
12. Annexure

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