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Scope of Merchant Banking in India

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Merchant banking, as the term has evolved in Europe from the 18th century to today, pertained to an individual or a banking house whose primary function was to facilitate the business process between a product and the financial requirements for its development. Merchant banking services span from the earliest negotiations from a transaction to its actual consummation between buyer and seller.
In late 17th and early 18th century Europe, the largest companies of the world was merchant adventurers. Supported by wealthy groups of people and a network of overseas trading posts, the collected large amounts of money to finance trade across parts of the world. For example, The East India Trading Company secured a Royal Warrant from England, providing the firm with official rights to lucrative trading activities in India. This company was the forerunner in developing the crown jewel of the English Empire. The English colony was started by what we would today call merchant bankers, because of the firm's involvement in financing, negotiating, and implementing trade transactions. The colonies of other European countries were started in the same manner. For example, the Dutch merchant adventurers were active in what are now Indonesia; the French and Portuguese acted similarly in their respective colonies. The American colonies also represent the product of merchant banking, as evidenced by the activities of the famous Hudson Bay Company. One does not typically look at these countries' economic development as having been fueled by merchant bank adventurers. However, the colonies and their progress stem from the business of merchant banks, according to today's accepted sense of the word. Merchant banks, now so called, are in fact the original "banks". These were invented in the middle Ages by Italian grain merchants. As the Lombardy merchants and bankers grew in stature on the back of the Lombard plains cereal crops many of the displaced Jews who had fled persecution after 613 entered the trade. They brought with them to the grain trade ancient practices that had grown to normalcy in the middle and far east, along the Silk Road, for the finance of long distance goods trades.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 74
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Theoretical Perspective
2.1 Merchant Banking History
2.2 Tradational Merchant Banking
2.3 Modern Merchant Banking
2.4 Functions Of Merchant Bankers
2.5 Difference Between Commercial Banking & Merchant Banking
2.6 Difference Between Investment Banking & Merchant Banking

Chapter 3: Merchant Banking In India
3.1 Merchant Banking In India - An Overview
3.2 Main Functions Of A Merchant Banker In India
3.3 Developments In Merchant Banking Establishments In India
3.4 Registration Of Merchant Bankers In India
3.5 Leading Merchant Bankers In India
3.6 Scope For Growth Of Merchant Banking In India
3.7 The Factors On Which Growth Of Merchant Banking Depends
3.8 Problems Of Merchant Banking
3.9 Some Merchant Banks Of India
3.10 Present Scenario Of Indian Merchant Banking

Chapter 4: Literature Review
4.1 Who Were The Merchant Bankers?
4.2 Sources Of Funds
4.3 Uses Of Funds
4.4 Managing Liquidity And Risk
4.5 Crises Of Merchant Banking

Chapter 5: Research Methodology
5.1 Research Design
5.2 Objectives Of The Study
5.3 Significance Of The Study
5.4 Focus Of The Study
5.5 Conceptualization Of The Study
5.6 Methods Of Data Collection

Chapter 6: Data Presentation & Analysis
Chapter 7: Findings
Chapter 8: Limitations of the Study
Chapter 8: Conclusions
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

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