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Working of Treasury Loans & Disbursement Department in Power Finance Corporation

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The objective of the project was to develop an understanding about the working of a Treasury Management Unit. The report throws some light on the investment policies of the department. The areas that were studied in detail were the estimation of Cash Flows and the possible investment opportunities that the company has been overlooking for some reason or the other. The Treasury Management Unit at PFC generally invests in short term instruments due to the liquidity requirements of the company. Public Deposit Account of RBI has been, traditionally the preferred investment option for the Department. It has a return of 6 % p.a., but the interest income from this source is taxable @ 35% which effectively reduces the yield to a meager 3.9%. it is recommended that the department considers Money Market Mutual Funds as a viable avenue for investment as the average return in Liquid Mutual funds vary between 4.4% - 5 %. The Cash Flow estimation methods of the department were also found to be faulty. The yearly disbursement target was distributed evenly throughout the year. But, the empirical data reveals that disbursements are low in the initial part of the year and pick up towards the year end. Past trends were used to predict the disbursement pattern for the year 2004-05. Such estimation would help in predicting the disbursements more accurately which in-turn would assist in the accurate estimation of Cash Flows.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 30
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Company Background
4. Scope of activities of the organization
5. Resource Mobilization
6. Working of Treasury Management Unit
- Functions of Treasury Management Unit
- How it actually works
- Specified limit of Funds to be maintained in Bank Accounts
- Investment Policy
-- Objectives
-- Avenues for investment
- Observations of the Organization
-- Major Deviation in Estimated and Actual Cash Flows
-- Suggestions to improve Cash Flow estimation
--- Taxability of Mutual Funds
-- Gilt short-term Funds
7. Bibliography

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