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Brand Identity of Lux

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The main objective of this project was to find out the brand identity of a particular brand through consumer research and compare it with what the company wants to project.
The brand chosen by me was Lux. In order to find out what is the perceived brand identity, a detailed study was undertaken which included in-depth interviews with the consumers. The sample size chosen for this study was 50, which included women of various age groups and occupations. The respondent profile according to age group and occupation is given in the chapter on research methodology.
Each respondent was interviewed with the help of a non-structured, disguised questionnaire to find out what the respondent feels about the brand.
The main findings from the study were:
1. Nourishment to the skin, and not the price, is the most important factor that people today consider while buying soap.
2. For housewives, presence of natural ingredients plays an important role while buying soap. However, although price does play an important role in the purchase decision, today more and more housewives are conscious about skin nourishment. Also, many of them buy the brand mainly because of it has been used in the family for years together.
3. In case of students in the age group 15-25, brand name, besides nourishment and natural ingredients, plays an important role. Lux has the aura of “the cine star’s soap”. This aura of aspiration and achievement makes it irresistible for them.
4. For working women, nourishment, freshness and fragrance play a vital role. They look for a soap that provides complete skin care and protects their skin from the harmful effects of pollution and dirt, as they do not have the time for a regular skin routine.
5. Presence of natural ingredients is an important factor considered while purchasing soap. Consumers today prefer natural products to those containing chemicals.
6. Lux scored high on all parameters like fragrance, lather, packaging, availability, variety and nourishment of skin. The only factors on which it did not score very high were freshness and price. Consumers think that soaps like Liril score better on freshness than Lux.
7. Brand personality of Lux: feminine, caring, dependable, pure, sensuous, serene, and mature.
8. According to the respondents, Lux is a soap for quality-conscious women, especially those belonging to the middle class. It is generally used by those who are conscious about their appearance and want to look good. It is used by those who respect the brand and have been loyal to it for years.
9. Most of the respondents feel feminine, mature and cared for on using Lux. They feel confident and also superior, as they think that they are using a premium brand.
10. Lux evokes a feeling of pride and security in the minds of the consumers. They feel that they are using the best and most trusted brand available in the market. They have a feeling of hope that by using Lux they will achieve what their favorite filmstars have – soft, glowing and beautiful skin. Since Lux is used by celebrities, who are role models for many young consumers, using Lux fulfils their aspirational needs.

Number of Pages of Project Report:65
Package Includes:Synopsis + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Chapter 2: Theoritical Perspective
2.1 What is Brand Identity?
2.1.1 Aaker's Framework
2.1.2 Kapferer's Framework
2.2 Brand Personality
2.2.1 Importance of Brand Personality
2.2.2 Definitions of Brand Personality
Chapter 3: LUX: ‘Koi Shak?’
3.1 Introduction
3.2 The Current Scenario
Chapter 4: Research Methodology
4.1 Sample Size
4.2 Methods of Data Collection
4.3 Limitations of the Study
Chapter 5: Data Presentation and Analysis
Chapter 6: Conclusions

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