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Marketing Strategies of Hero Honda

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This project undertaken by us is an attempt to understand, appreciate and develop a marketing strategy or plan. Through Hero Honda CBZ, we have identified various processes involved in conceptualizing a marketing plan, from consumer surveys, analysis of competitors, to segmentation. We chose Hero Honda CBZ as our product of study because Hero Honda is the market leader in the motor cycle industry. Also Hero Honda has developed different marketing strategies for different products based on the target market. We chose CBZ because through CBZ, Hero Honda entered the four stroke segment market. Hence choosing this product involved an insight into the development of a marketing plan. Our project focuses on a few key areas:
Firstly, after a brief introduction of the company and the product, we have examined the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our product .This gives an insight on the external and internal environment our product is operating in .Thereafter we have developed a SWOT matrix of CBZ.
Next, as the saying goes ďConsumer is kingĒ; through a consumer survey, we have tried to understand the psychology and behavior of the motor cycle customer, in terms of buying roles, decision making process, and purchase and post purchase behavior. Through this survey we have also probed into the various factors, which would make CBZ a more popular product.
The third section of our report includes an analysis of the competitive forces in the motor cycle industry according to Porterís five forces model, identification of brand, industry, form and generic competition faced by CBZ, activities of various competitors to understand its competitive scenario, and also analysis of competitive strategies followed by Hero Honda.
Next, our report includes segmentation profile of our product by identifying the target market. The profile includes behavioral, demographic and geographical factors. Finally, through the conclusion we discuss our learning from the project undertaken.

Number of Pages of Project Report:66
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Hero Honda
3. Cbz
4. Product Specifications
5. SWOT Analysis
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
- Opportunities
- Threats
6. Swot Matrix
7. Customer Behavioural Analysis
8. The Competition
9. Industry Concept of Competition
10. Competition in the Motorcycle Industry For
11. Hero Honda Cbz
12. Analysis In Terms Of Porterís 5 Forces Model
13. Analyzing the Competition
14. Customer Value Analysis
15. Segment Profile of Target Market for Cbz
16. Conclusion
17. References
18. Michael Porterís 5 Forces Model
19. Annexure

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