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Marketing Strategy of Different Soaps

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The major players are : HLL (Hindustan Lever Ltd.), P&G India Ltd., Nirma Ltd, Godrej, etc. The soaps industry is a mature industry and growing at an average rate of around 5-6% per annum, by volume and is expected to increase its rate of growth to around 7-8% in the next couple of years.
Under soaps the industry falls into two segments: Laundry and Toilet soaps. But there we will concentrate on the brands of toilet soaps as the laundry soaps are preserved for the small scale industries apart from a few like OK & 501. For toilet soaps the growth rate has been around 4-5% per annum, the average per capita consumption of toilet soaps is 470 gms a year.
The toilet soaps segment has faced a shortage of industrial oil, the basic raw material. There is an approximate gap of 2 lakh tonnes. But the gap is now bridged through imports caustic in excise duty on the soaps it he industry expects the demand to increase and the industry to grow.
In tune of the increased disposable incomes of both the urban and the rural population the industry has witnessed aggressive promotion of its premium brands, which has benefited the industry. This is the fastest growing segment in the toilet soaps, the market of which grew at 15% in the while the larger manufacturers are engaged in major media battles in their bid to increase market share, the smaller producers are also trying for a price of the cake through mostly regional marketing efforts.
The measure of quality in toilet soaps is the proportion of TFM. (Total fatty matter) this is the Essence of the soap. Market source says that the belief on high TFM content related to quality may have held in the past but today efforts TFM content in soaps, that should nonetheless wash well and be soft on the skin. This he says is because a lot of TFM gets washed off without being active and increase that if this were the case why is that premium soaps have TFM upward of 70%.
Indeed innovation has encompassed product. Forms as well company’s have products that could once be found only on in hand up squeeze tubes not to mention liquid soaps in pump raising the consumers outlay on personal hygiene is vast even where usage penetration is high. In village heat and dust is reason enough to press on. Most soap marketers are busy making the best, of what they can overall a sharpened consumer focus has meant better corporate performance.

Number of Pages of Project Report:50
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
2. Industry Trend & Existing Major Players
- HLL (Hindustan Lever Ltd.)
- P&G India Ltd.
- Nirma Ltd
- Godrej

3. Market segmentation
Price - Benefit Segmentation –2006
Price - Benefit Segmentation –2008

4. Marketing Strategy of different brands
- Lifebuoy Gold
- Rexona Olive
- Breeze
- Hamam
- Nirma beauty Soap
- Lux international
- Lifebuoy
- The Ads

7. Consumer Buying Approach for Soaps
Sample Questionnaire
List of Graphs
Graph of most important purchase factors
Graph of Brand association with various soaps
Graph of Brand Loyalty
Graph of Effect of sales promotions
Graph of Advertisement recall rate
Graph of trial rate for the brand

8. Research Analysis and conclusion
9. References Bibliography

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