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Market Analysis of LíOreal Product-Garnier

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The application of the four Pís (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place) of marketing revolves mainly around the customers in the target segment. The target segment for any product is that homogeneous group of people which is purported to be the most potential customer for the product. The market follows the Pareto Principle, which says that 80 per cent of the sales come from 20 per cent of the people. Thus, for any product, one of the major tasks of marketers is to identify the group of 20 per cent that gives 80 per cent revenue of that productís sale to the company. No surprise then that major marketing efforts of companies attempt to attract the most potential group. This project is an extensive study of the 4Pís analysis of the Garnier products. This detailed study helped us in understanding the Price, Place, Product and Promotion aspect of the Garnier products in the region of study i.e. Greater Noida and Noida. After having done this study we were able to identify the pricing strategies followed by LíOreal in terms of their product along with their promotional strategy in the NCR region.
This case study also helps in getting an overview of the Indian skin care and hair care market scenario, its growth trends, future prospects and opportunities available. L'Oreal is one of the most successful International premium brands in India. This French brand came to India in 1991 with its Ultra Doux range of Shampoo through its Agent Laboratories Garnier. In 1994 Laboratories Garnier became the 100% subsidiary of L'Orťal.
The Objectives of the Project Report:
- The objective of our project is to comprehensively research on one of the most successful sub-brands of LíOreal- GARNIER.
- Within Garnier, we have incurred a study on the hair care product range of Garnier that is Garnier Fructis and Ultra Doux. We have essentially focused on shampoos and conditioners.
- Our research has been aimed at understanding the market share of Garnier within the LíOreal brand and among other brands. Also we have captured the market capabilities of Garnier hair care shampoos and conditioners.
- We have researched on the brand perception of the product by the customers and customer loyalty towards the product.
- We have also stressed on the four Pís of marketing in relation to this product and the marketing strategies that have been adopted by LíOreal, essentially Garnier from time to time.
- The stress however has been on the PRODUCT out of all the four Pís and on the consumer behavior and their perception towards the brand.
- We have also focused on the current leading competitors of LíOreal-Garnier and conducted a brief study on their marketing strategies.

Number of Pages of Project Report:68
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive Summary
1. Project Objective
2. LíOreal Introduction
3. Introduction to Garnier
3.1 Company Review
4. Hair care market analysis
4.1 Evaluation of shampoos in India
4.2 Current scenario of shampoo market
5. Skin care industry in India
6. Study of 4PíS of Garnier
6.1 Hair care products
6.2 Skin care products
6.3 Natural ingredients of Garnier
7. Promotion
7.1 Relying on International Campaigning
7.2 Promotion Strategy
8. Price
9. Place
10. Analysis of Indian market
11. SWOT Analysis
12. Data Analysis
13. Conclusion
14. Recommendations
15. Questionnaire
16. References

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