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Consumer behavior towards public sector and private sector insurance companies

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Consumer behaviour refers to the activities in which people acquire, consume and dispose products and services Blackwell et al., 2001. Owing to the proliferation of brands in the recent decades, there is a growing number of research conducted in the field of consumer buying behaviour. However, most of them concentrate on a single country study, regardless of the importance of cross country comparisons which will inspire innovative ideas for understanding the fast-changing consumer habits. This dissertation is going to investigate the differences of British and Chinese in purchasing clothes under the influence of brand image.

Due to the rapid changes in the global market and the increased competition experienced between firms, Brand Management has become more important. Good brand management brings about clear differentiation between products, ensures consumer loyalty and preferences and may lead to a greater market share.
Aaker 1991 is of the view that establishing and managing brand should not be taken to be the core operating target for most industries but should also be seen as a source of competitiveness. In other words, value is added to a brand when the brand is able to compete successfully with other brands.

Objectives of the study
To understand some of the driving factors of consumerism
To understand the buying decision by individual
To study the attributes or sensory feelings of consumers towards insurance
To know whether and how some demographic variable of the respondents have influence in private and public sector insurance
To know the role of family members, friends and peers in information search about the insurance

Number of Pages of Project Report: 58
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Need for the Study
Objectives of the study
Company Profile
Research Methodology
Expected Contribution
Future Research
Data Analysis


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