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A Study on consumer service perception of KHMD Pvt Ltd

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Customer perception plays a vital role in a companys ability to attract new customers and to retain existing customers. The good news is that companies have the ability to control many of the factors that build an individuals perception of the company or brand.

What is customer perception
The formal definition of customer perception is, A marketing concept that encompasses a customers impression, awareness and consciousness about a company or its offerings.
To put it simply, customer perception is what your customers and potential customers think of your organization. This perception directly impacts the attraction of new customers and the capacity to maintain good relationships with current customers.

Why is customer perception important
In todays digital age, virtually everything is a Google search away. This makes your goods and services easier to find, but the tradeoff is that your competition is easier to find as well. That means its easier for unhappy or unsatisfied customers to leave.
Consumers want good quality, but they also want to know they are getting good value. That value is not just judged by the product or service they are purchasing, but by the availability and usability of the customer service that supports it.
Its just not enough anymore to have brand recognition, consumers want to feel good about a brand and company. They want to do business with civic-minded corporations with positive world views.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 79
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Why customer perception is important for businesses
Customer loyalty and customer perception
Impact factors on customer perception
Positive effects of increasing market share on customer perception
Negative effects of increasing market share on customer perception
Measuring customer perception
How to manage customer perception some examples
2. Literature review
2.1. Core and relational service quality dimensions
2.2. Perceived value
2.3. Customer satisfaction
2.4. Artificial neural network
2.5 Customer Satisfaction In Terms Of People, Process & Physical Evidence
2.6 On the value relevance of customer satisfaction
2.7 Definition of Service Quality
2.8 Measurement of Expectation and Perception of Service Quality
3.1 Defining customer satisfaction
3.2 Objectives of a customer satisfaction surveying program
3.3 Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction
3.4 Understanding differing customer attitudes
3.5 Consumer behavior in services
3.6 Customer Focus, Expectations and Loyalty
3.7 Customer defined service standards
3.8 Employee's role in service industry
3.9 Capacity planning
3.10 Marketing communication
3.11 Pricing services


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