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Sales and Distribution, Branding And Quality Manual of Haldiram's

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Introduction: The primary goal of this Sales Management project is to provide information about the various activities performed of the sales and distribution process by Haldiram’s.
This project has been designed to highlight the information about the channel distribution, selection of channel member, order processing, warehousing, financial term and transport in respect of distribution process and sales, targets assigning, responsibility, performance appraisal in respect of Sales functioning. The importance of this information is immense for us, being students of Business Management, this information has not only help us in determining the distribution and sales function.
Regarding the Haldiram’s and Bikaner projects, we have got the primary data through co-officials. During our meeting with these people we came to know about the channels of distribution of the product. In this point they told us that for the local consumer, the channel of distribution is from the organization to Distributor to Retailer and at consumer, where as for central Organization it is Organization to C&F to distributor to Retailer and at last to Consumer. In Bikaner, they have Superstroker in place of C&N, but the functions of both are same. The organization provides with certain discounts to its end retailer. While choosing an outlets an organization has to keep certain factors in mind like Godown facilities, registered office, Van, Trucks, Three-wheelers for transport etc.
These organizations have a target to be completed in an annual basis. They engage sales person for these tasks that are given a target for a month. They are given certain responsibility like supply goods, make new customer, report about the sales.
These organizations don’t give dealership to everybody. Firstly they see that the person is financially strong and capable of successfully handling all the work of that organization.
With the help of all these information we were able to make a comparison of sales and management distribution of Haldiram’s and Bikaner. One of the main differences between both is that Haldiram’s doesn’t give franchise whereas Bikaner does.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 90
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Acknowledgment
3. Business Sector, Organizations and information sources
4. Limitations
5. Background of Haldiram
6. Products
7. Area of Operations
8. Literature Review
- Sales and distribution management
- Sales Management – Formulation Of Sales Strategy
- The Promotional Tools/Strategies
- Product Life Cycle
- Marketing Strategies: Introduction Stage
- Marketing Strategies: Growth Stage
- Marketing Strategies: Maturity Stage
- Marketing Strategies: Decline Stage

9. Findings & Analysis
- Distribution Channels
- Functions Performed by Different Channel Member
- Selection of Channel Members
- Financial Terms and Conditions
- Order Processing
- Warehousing
- Physical Movement of the Goods

10. Sales Functioning
- Factors Taken into Account while Assigning Targets and Territories
- Targets
- Responsibilities of the Sales Person
- Performance Appraisal

11. Branding
- Eleven Brand Definitions
- Haldiram’s Brand and Product Line Extension
-- Product Line Extension
-- Brand Extension

- The Complete Brand
-- What Is the Situation Analysis?
-- Where Are We Today?
-- How Did We Get Here?
-- Starting Benchmark
-- Where Are We Going?

12. Quality Manual
- Scope of Application
- Quality Mission Statement
- Company Quality Objectives
- Departmental Quality Objectives
- Company Profile
- Quality Management System
- Documentation Requirements
- Control of Records
- Management Responsibility
- Planning
- Records and Forms
- Responsibilities and Authority
- Product Realization
- Measurement Analysis and Improvement

13. Bibliography

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