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The Study of Consumer Behaviour towards Share Trading and Brand Sales Promotion of Indiabulls Securities Ltd

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Investing in equities in a market like India is speculative and involves risk that may be greater than other types of investment strategies. Before investing an Investor should be careful enough about him investment decision to avoid erosion of wealth. As seen in the recent times the volatility of market is more detrimental to the retail investors as it seems to be lucrative for speculative gains of short duration of time. Hence an investor has to evaluate his options carefully for a prudent investment, keeping long-term horizon in mind.
The report has tried to bring out the parameters those are of paramount importance to general public dealing in an equity trading on day-to day and delivery base trading. The working methodology has been discussed i.e. the data collection methods, sampling methods and the survey questionnaire methods. Thee questionnaire prepared is designed so as to cover a wide range of customer “touch points”
The report given a view about the investors perception that what thy think while making investments in shares.
A sample of 100 people was selected randomly and survey was done as per the parameters of the questionnaire. The results of every parameter have been included in this report and shown graphically (Pie Charts, bar graphs etc.) A complete structure of the research design has been included.
Apart from above discussed points the brief history of India bulls Securities Ltd, its business diversification and a brief introduction about the concept of share trading.
- To study investor’s behavior towards different attributes such as risk, return liquidity etc. of investment in Equities.
- To study the issues and challenges that investors face while making investment in share market.
- To study the preferences and perceptions of investors regarding various financial products from the stable of Indiabulls Securities Ltd. so that the firm can benefit from the findings of the report in launching any new investment product in future.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 79
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. History of Stock Exchange
2. Company Profile: Indiabulls Securities Ltd.
a) Introduction
b) Philosophy
c) History and other corporate matters overview
3. Share Trading
4. Organization Chart
5. Products and Services
6. Indiabulls - IN NEWS 2010
7. Research Methodology
8. Findings and Analysis
9. Recommendations
10. Bibliography

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