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A Strategic Perspective on the Marketing Mix (Methodology followed by Bajaj Electricals Limited)

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Electric fan is the second most wanted consumer durable item after the bicycle in India. The retail price of Indian domestic fan is estimated to be around Rs 810. Indian fan industry is confronted with the new challenge due to the imposition of the excise duty. It is felt that the high incidence of excise duty is likely to affect manufacturers in the organized sector and is likely to encourage higher imports from neighboring countries, particularly from China and Pakistan. Major producers and exporters of the Indian fan industry are Bajaj Electricals, Orient Fans, Kedia Fans, Crompton Greeves, Impex Trading, Kathran fans among others.
Electric Fans is a high market penetration product category and is very high in terms of purchase priority amongst durables. It is a matured product category with a stagnant growth rate during the period 1990-2002. The domestic market size of fans in India is around 20 Million units. The share of the organized sector stands at 45 per cent and of the unorganized sector at 55 per cent. The figures were exactly the opposite in the early Nineties. Low technology manufacturing process, quality norms, lower overheads and tax evasion methods has enabled the un-organized sector to gain larger share of the market by ensuring a significant price difference. The local/unorganized brands are quite appealing to a large section of the price-conscious Indian consumers, for their lower price points.
The organised sector is dominated by national brands that have built their brand image over a period of time, through sustained advertising and a good dealer network. The market size in value terms of the fans category is quite large at around Rs.1500 Crores and it is the largest selling item in the brown goods category. There are 6 major brands in the organised sector namely: Crompton, Orient, Polar, Khaitan, Usha and Bajaj. All large players in the industry have their own manufacturing facilities, which is helping them in reaping the benefits of economies of scale. Intense competition in the market has transformed the fan industry into a high-volume, low-margin business. To remain profitable and competitive, it becomes imperative to have high-volumes and a reasonable market-share, to enjoy the related economies of scale.
With liberalization of imports, low cost world-class manufacturers of Table, Pedestal and Wall fans from China offer an active threat to Indian manufacturers.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 44
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
2. Overview of Fans Industry
3. Market Segmentation
4. Bajaj Fans
5. Key elements of Marketing Strategy
6. Ansoff Matrix
7. Competitive Stance
8. Segmentation
9. Brand Positioning
10. Introduction of Sub Brands
11. Strategic changes in the Marketing Mix
- Product Strategy
- Packaging Strategy
- Pricing Strategy
- Promotion Strategy
- Distribution Strategy
- People Strategy
12. Results Achieved
13. Conclusion
14. Annexure

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