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Marketing Strategies of Bisleri

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The project undertaken aims to find out the sale of Aquafina and Kinley mineral water and its effect on Bisleri.
A few years back, the mineral water market had been crawling at the rate of 3-4%, or even a lower figure. Indians carried drinking water in earthen pitchers, plastic or PUF bottles. But increasing cases of typhoid and other waterborne diseases began to be reported. In addition to this, liberalization happened and the mineral water industry began to be stirred and shaken. The market started growing an astounding rate of over 100% per annum. The fact that there were very few players in the market meant that their business grew by leaps and bounds. The major foreign players are 'Coca-Cola 'promoted 'Kinley' and Pepsiís 'Aquafina
The project was also undertaken in order to find out acceptance of Aquafina and Kinley mineral water. For this sample size of 100 retailers were covered all over Delhi and questionnaire were being filled up them which later on helped me to assist in coming out with the result.
Objectives of the Project Report:
- The affects on 'Bisleri' sale, profit & market share after the launch of 'Acquafina 'by Pepsi and 'Kinley'by Coca Cola.
- To find out the current position of 'Acquafina' and 'Kinley' Mineral Water.
- Threats caused by' Acquafina '& 'Kinley 'to 'Bisleri'.
- Strategies and measures adopted by 'Bisleri' to counter the competition by 'Acquafina' & 'Kinley'.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 79
Package Includes: Project Report
Synopsis Available: No
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Objective of the Study
3. Introduction
* Mineral Water Industry
* Inception of Bisleri
* Marketing Mix of Bisleri: 4Ps of marketing
- Product
- Place
- Price
- Promotion
* Consumer Perceptions
* The Competition facing Bisleri
* Advertising campaign of competitors
4. Methodology
5. Data Analysis
- Comprehensive Analysis of Questionnaire give to retailer
- Analysis of questionnaire to customer
6. Conclusion
7. Limitations
8. Recommendations
9. Bibliography
10. Annexure
Questionnaire 1: Retailers
Questionnaire 2: Customers

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